Malayan Many-tooth Snake  (White-lipped Black-headed Snake, Black-headed Collared Snake)

Sibynophis melanocephalus (Colubridae) is a terrestrial, diurnal species, that inhabits lowland forests and rural disturbed areas. It is a slender snake, up to 60 cm, with a relatively short, flattened head that is slightly distinct from the neck.

This species occurs from southernmost Thailand to Borneo and Sumatra.

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Photo credit: ©kkchome 

Locality: Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia

Black-headed Python 

The Black-headed Python, Aspidites melanocephalus (Pythonidae), is an Australian species of python with an average length of 155cm.

These distinctive pythons have a glossy jet black head that ends abruptly just behind the neck. The eyes are also black and the pupils are almost invisible. The body is light brown to dark caramel with dark cross bands along the entire body. The bands are darkest dorsally and fade towards the ventral scales. The belly is light cream speckled with darker spots.

Unlike other pythons, this one lacks heat sensing pits, probably due to a large percentage of their prey being cold blooded.

The scientific name comes from Aspidites, meaning ‘shield-bearer’, in reference to the large scales on the head; and melanocephalus, meaning ‘black head’.

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Photo credit: ©Ryan Francis

Locality: Lena Creek, Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia