Having a crush is weird
It is an exciting and terrible feeling all At once.
When you have a crush on someone you don’t always have a guarantee that it will work out in your favor.
But it’s all part of the game.

It’s the same game your heart plays with you when someone comes in to your life.

When you first meet this person you are intrigued.

After you spend time with them you’re stuck there with your thoughts. The sometimes very odd thoughts .

Then comes worry.
Did I look okay?
Did I act right?
Did I smell nice?

The next time you see them
You see them differently.

They are now the object of your affection. You want them to feel like they’re wanted by you. But you don’t wanna say anything too stupid.

Instead, you stand there waiting like a fly on the wall for the appropriate time to chime in.

You’re scared and helpless because you hope that by the end of the conversation, you’ll have gotten that person to feel some way towards you.

But you have a lot of self doubt . How can someone that want something that was barely there, that probably said something stupid, looked funny, dressed weird, ect.

After beating yourself up over these questions you return to your one true hope.

That the crush you now have is mutual.