a short story about ordering coffee

The barista has been glancing at him since he joined the line. Changmin adjusts his Chanel sunglasses and feels his cheeks flush in embarrassment. He almost flees, but then the person in front of him finishes her order and suddenly there is no one between him and the barista, who is now blatantly staring at him.

‘A caramel latte with extra cream please,’ he blurts out, before the barista could say anything to him.

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Heechul: “in the midst of playing games at home with changminnie on a beautiful weather weekendㅡㅡ changminnie is really good at playing this game. even when he only look at me playing games he still feel happy and laughs 😀😀 he is probably a follower of Cinderella religion. i think even if i only breathe he will still find it funny. phew.. if (they) see these oppas like homeless playing games on such a good weekend, ELF and cassiopeia will be so heartbroken..😧😧 #SuperJunior #TVXQ #ELF #CASIOPEA #CinderellaReligion”