[Trans] Bigeast Monthly Question -Q36-

Q: Which era that you would like to visit?

ユンホ (Yunho): I would like to visit the war era. Recently, there are a lot of interesting manga (t/n: japanese comics) like Naruto. Someday, it would be good if I can be in an era like those that are described in  “ninja books” (t/n: most probably referring to this popular japanese manga named 「Naruto」).

チャンミン (Changmin): I would like to be in an era where internet does not exist. No doubt, internet has provided many conveniences, but i feel that it’s good to be without Internet some times.



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[INFO/VID] 140914 Tohoshinki on Akko ni Omakase! - Yahoo’s Top 10 searched words for 3 consecutive years!

On 140914, the Japanese show “Akko ni Omakase! (Leave it to Akko!)”, the guests were to guess the artists who are in Yahoo!’s top 10 search words for 3 years in a row among different choices were one of them was wrong, and so Tohoshinki’s choice (rank wasn’t revealed in the video) was concluded to be one of the winning choices, i.e. Tohoshinki is one of those top 10 search words for three years~ ^^

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Q: Which era do you wanna try to go to (live in)?

YH: I wanna try to go to the warring states period (around year 1467 - 1568). recently i’m having fun reading a manga called ‘naruto’, so i wanna try meeting a shinobi (ninja) in person. 

*bubble speech: AM A SHINOBI!

CM: to the era where internet have yet to be found. It’s gave us a lot of convenience but i sometimes think ‘it’s so scary…’

translation by: boomjagalaka