The Gemstone (Dream)

all of a sudden, I found myself inside a huge castle. It was built on top of a giant lagoon, mountains inclosing it and a forest surrounding it. The walls had a blue hue to them, old and decay reeked from every corner. The lagoon was deep and extremely cold. In contrast to the ominous sight- there were many people about in swimsuits, jumping from what remained of the castle and into the lagoon. I saw how the families interacted, all jumping off at once- then re-surfing and smiling. It was then when i was reminded of why i was here, i was to uncover a rare gemstone that grants the holder one wish.
       My wife, is internally ill- “she will not last long, and nothing can be done about it” the doctors said. nothing can be done about it? impossible, there is ALWAYS a way. This gemstone will grant me one wish, and with it i shall cure my wife and live ever happily.
       This land isn’t as sound as it may seem…there are many dangers about even though many choose to ignore it, they are there. Often, we ourselfs are the biggest danger we have.
      it was evident that “i” wasn’t the only person looking for the gemstone, a lowlife with ragged clothing was too. His beard was home to many insects and parasites. His clothing bore more holes than this castle. His feet were permanently marked with a black stain- as he never wore shoes. His objective was to uncover the gemstone, so that it can grant him infinite amount of wealth- then he would laugh at all of those that continue to laugh at him. He would be a powerful person, hire and kill in secret just because he would be rich enough to do it.
      I have lost and i have gained. I’ve been betrayed multiple times in my lifetime- even by those i love dearest. I have been cheated when it was clearly my time for reward. I do understand why bad guys exist in this world, and i hold them no grudge because in a way- they have the right to be who they are. ultimately though, everyone must make that choice: For good, or For bad. I live a simple life, so that others may simply live- and because of it, i am who i am.
      A third was also after the gemstone. a woman in her late 30’s, fit as a fiddle- very skilled and daring to do anything just to get what she wanted. Unfortunately, the woman had a horrible love life for she was not beautiful. She underwent many sessions of surgery in attempt to reach the highest point of beauty, she never found it and saw herself still too ugly- many agreed. Her wish was to find this gemstone that would grant her a naturally attractive body and beauty that would permeate even in the gloomiest of days. She would seduce the most iconic people of our times and be known as the world’s most wanted woman, all the men in all the countries would fight for her.
      I too was not given a lifetime of good fortunes, and i had way many few come to me for love or lust- i understand how frustrating her life can be at times. If it wasn’t for the mercy of God, i probably wouldn’t have found the wife i now have. Happiness can only come from within, self-acceptance is one of the first steps. Only the strongest people make do with what they are given and seek nothing more- for they know that everything they need will be given to them eventually.

but now here, in this place- i have a decision to make. To let the filth overcome the natural habitat, to let those not contempt with their lives to replace those whom are, or to save a life- probably a life i care more than mine.

I then take the necessary steps in and about the castle to reach the rat whom watches from above. He had taken a knee in the highest point in the castle hoping to find what he wanted. taken a high view was smart, but not wise- for he gave his position away too quickly. Slowly, i made myself to him until i was but merely at his scalp. He, infused with the eager desire to be rich- did not care enough to be cautious. Some people are meant to lose, often they themselves seek that  position in life. Nobody else was watching, the wind blew and my hands grasped his head. With one felt twist, his neck i broke. He fell backwards unto me, and i laid him down in a way nobody would see him from below. He will become part of the decay in this castle, his own bugs and parasites will consume him- he will be quickly forgotten.

From the high view i saw the lustful witch swimming below the water. She was scrutinizing every single inch of the ocean floor, while i was scrutinizing the pattern she had logically mapped and followed. I stood up with my arms above me, calling evident attention. Now everyone was looking at me, the words “jump, jump, jump” were chanted from their mouths while the words “kill, kill, kill” were chanted in my mind. I bent my knees slightly and threw myself from what felt like heaven. As i aimed myself perfectly to land on the witch, my vision became fuzzy, then watery, then red. Precision was on my side, not hers. The water was very cold, and i was well below- so was she. Her body now broken in many places, she could not swim nor move. Now you regret not having a body at all, ugly or not- to live is better than to not. I left her there, still drowning and bleeding- she will freeze and the sands below will welcome her. Those that dwell below will use her body as a home, finally her life will have purpose. 

I do not call myself a savior, nor a demon. My purpose is higher than theirs and because of that- i have natrually won. I have chosen to control destiny, and not let fate take it’s course. So now my search begins, and i now know that the gemstone is not even in this castle at all- many have looked for it and even have broken the castle apart trying to find it. The secret rumors attracted many to this place, and instead of killing themselves for it- they chose to enjoy life with their loved ones. 

i probably milked the tale of this dream a bit too much, but most was mere interpretation since dreams can only tell so much. it was definitely very curious. What do you all think?