Well the Scottish weather played it’s part once again by being nice and clear all afternoon and evening then as night fell it became completely overcast. The Pereid shower goes on for nearly a month so maybe I’ll get some clear skies over the next few days.

You’ll just have to make do with a photo from the 2009 shower. I was working the next morning so couldn’t drive far enough to get right out of the street light glow, and a car drove past with it’s headlights blazing just to annoy me further but you get the idea! By the time I took this exposure the temperature of the camera and lens had obviously hit the dew point and it was starting to fog up slightly! There’s actually 3 meteors in this image but two of them are really dim. As always, best to click the image to get a bigger version.

Meigle, Scotland.

Archaeologists uncover graves of national significance near Meigle

A series of burial mounds have been excavated — thought to represent an ancient barrow cemetery — at Bankhead of Kinloch near Meigle.

Both the village and the surrounding area of Strathearn have proved a treasure trove of Pictish sites and artefacts over the years.

Despite the increase in the identification of these sites through aerial photography surveys since the 1970s, they are still generally rare and so are of immense significance.

Experts say the Meigle project represents the first complete excavation of a barrow cemetery to date, providing a unique opportunity to comprehensively analyse the monument.

The site was discovered almost by chance, with the AOC Archaeology Group commissioned to undertake an archaeological evaluation in preparation for an agricultural development. Read more.

I hate these nights where I’m like yes a really long walk would be great right now but then I’m like wait hold the fuck up I live in quite possibly the smallest village in the whole of fucking Scotland and I’m doing nothing with my life and I can’t even bring myself to talk to people so I’m just gonna shut up and hide away in my room all night