21:41 January 24 - Mei [G+ post] 


Thank you all very much for
Canaria Syndrome's 98th place (>_<)

I jumped~ (´ `)
And another
thank you for the
7th place in the preliminaries 
for Passion For You's gravure event!

I love having been able to
feel the love from MeiTeam
straight from the preliminaries (´;ω;`)

Please continue to support
me all the way till the end!!
I won’t give up just yet (´„•ω•„`)


I’ll be appearing in today’s
Anmoku no Ryoukai
Please do listen to it ♪

05:27 January 24 - Mei [G+ post] 


Good morn’


I ate a delicious
plate of omu-rice
last night
Recharged (゚д゚)

it’s our 2D-lovers’ leader
Nishishi-san’s birthday today!
Happy birthday

I love her so much (´ `)
There’s still a lot of time left for me to spend with her before she graduates
Hoping for a wonderful year ahead of her~