Morning y’all. Family flies out to Seattle tonight so we all running around tryna get everything situated. Why I decided to take a mirror selfie? Fuck if I know. I’m just hella conceited I guess (where I get this cockiness? The world may never know. I’m ugly as fuck!) I feel tired and fat and the only thing I wanna do is get back in bed 😂 After the fam flies out it’s just gonna be me and @mattxoxojana for a bit till we fly out and meet everyone else on Wednesday (Damn school) obligatory Facebook status update via IG done 😊 #MehWhoCares #ImHungryToo #DwayneJohnsonNeedsToWakeTheHellUpAndCookHisDamnHusbandSomeBreakfast #ChanningToo #Gayyyyyyy

too-kitten-for-you said:

how do you know what bands are on at tramlines? i looked at the line up and none of them were on it :(

Their website lists them. Unfortunately it’s down at the mo, but if you go on their Twitter it might let you know? Also, Corp and Leadmill and all the venues are individually advertising bands. :)