Leviathan from Supernatural (which I don’t watch, so sorry if this is inaccurate!). Idea borrowed from Fancyfacemakeup, her original post is here [x] :)

Wasn’t especially happy with how this came out but it’s been a while since I posted anything. This can count as practise for the next big-scary-mouth-makeup I’m planning (a similar monster from Cabin in the Woods) :)


Fellow cosplayers! I purchased over $100 worth of body paints on Facepaint.com which arrived today and I am doing a test to see how well they go on and endure throughout the day. I thought I would share my test with you since examples and reviews on these brands are quite scarce.

I TESTED: Wolfe (Grey, Pink, White), Tag (Lilac, Yellow, Teal, Light Blue), Mehron Paradise (Mango), Diamond FX (Lavender), Tulip (Pink)

Sealed with: Pro Face Neutral Setting Powder + Ben Nye Final Seal

WOLFE: The 45g pallets are $11 and the 30g are $8 so slightly more expensive than the others but if you can get what you need in their colour selection it is top shelf. Wolfe went on with the least water and gave a very full coverage, it is also super durable initially, you can rub it before sealing with no rub off, though I always suggest sealing. Mixing was simple and smooth, the resulting colours where perfect for the characters I’ll be using them for (Princess Bubblegum and Marceline) though I know a lot of Homestuck cosplayers would love the resulting grey as well! I also love how the medium size pots stack and twist into each other for better storage.

TAG: I purchased these based on 1 brief review and their impressive selection of colours and I must say I am super glad I went with my gut on this one. Great price, I got them on sale for $6.75, reg $8.25 which is pretty un-beatable for paint this quality. The colours went on with good opacity (a bit lower than Wolfe and Mehron but not too noticeably) and not very much water, also rubbed after drying with no rub off (again, always seal). Their quality is great and colour selection is wonderful. The colours I got where perfect as is for the characters I got them for (light blue for Maya from Borderlands,lilac for LSP, yellow for Lemongrab, teal for BMO. 

MEHRON PARADISE: Got this on sale for $6.75, reg $8, good price wise. Smells DELICIOUS! I love coconuts so this was a really neat little addition, even after powdering and sealing with a very minty smelling seal it smells like coconut butter or sunscreen. High quality, the colour went on nearly as thick as the Wolfe, not a ton of water needed to activate. The mango colour is exactly what I needed for Flame Princess from Adventure Time!

DIAMOND FX: These are $7.25 each so regular price is a bit lower than the others, if you get it on sale it could be a great value.TheLavender I got goes on EXACTLY the same colour as the TAG in Violet. The only difference I see from this test is the Diamond FX looks to go on slightly less opaque. Between the 2 I will be using the TAG first but it isn’t at all a bad fall-back option.

TULIP: I got these at Michaels craft store and have had them for a long time now in teal (not in this test) and this pink, the teal really stained something hard. It doesn’t show very well in the photos but it doesn’t go on the smoothest, slightly texturey and reptile-ish but could definately work in a pinch. I wouldn’t really recommend this unless you can’t get the others and it’s this or snazaroo as it does go on with better skin coverage and isn’t as eager to rub off. 

KRYOLAN: I have used Kryolan Aquacolor in the past (not in this test) and I honsetly prefer all of these (except the tulip) over the Kryolan which went on fairly thin and liked to rub off on things and just be generally blotchy with the slightest hint of sweat.

OVERALL: These have all held up very well over the past 6 hours of wear, no noticable change in any. I’ve even been scratching my arm and rubbing them on my desk as I type and draw. I am mostly in love with the Wolfe paints, they went on with the best opacity and I love the stackability, I just wish they had a larger colour selection. My second pick is the TAG, lots of colours and great quality over all. Mehron is a close 3rd and I would love to try more of their paints. Diamond FX is 4th choice, a bit cheaper regular price but not as highly pigmented as the others. Tulip is 5th, not the best but passes in a pinch.

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What face paint do you use? :)

Lex uses Mehron Paradise Paints, Graftobian Pro Paints and Mac Chromacake, but others are shown in her collection video.

Watch on okd0pe.tumblr.com

I originally had no idea what kind of makeup I wanted to do—just that I wanted to do something! So, I sat down and went with it. Enjoy x. 


Here’s a similar idea to my painting-style makeup, but using slightly different techniques to try and make it look something like a charcoal drawing. Not sure if it worked but pfft

Mehron paradise paints (and watercolours on paper for the background)



- Mehron Paradise makeup in Lt. Green and Amazon Green
- BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette
- Pore Primer ( benfit Porefessional)
- Eyeshadow primer (Lorac Behind the Scenes eye primer)
- Sleek Makeup palette in Ultra Mattes V2 (darks) -> OR just a matte black eye shadow
- a dark greenish blue eyeliner
- Mascara


1) Take your pore primer and apply it all over your face
2) Take you eye shadow primer and apply it all over your face on top of the pore primer


3) Take your Mehron Paradise paint in Lt. Green and apply it all over the face in a light layer
4) Then take your Mehron Paradise Paint in Amazon Green and dab it on your face covering the Lt. Green till it is very dark and opaque. 


When you are done it should look something like this.



5) Then take your matte black eyeshadow and contour your face in harsh lines along the hollows of your cheeks, your hairline, the sides of your nose; from your temples to the outer corner of your eyes; and create a "V" at the top of your hairline.
You do not want to blend so much that it goes away or that your whole face is black but you do want it to look like a gradual line and not a hard line —- to do this I used a very dense short foundation blurring brush; a flat top kabuki would work as well.

7) Go in with the greens from the BH cosmetics palette and cover the remaining green spots with matte green shades from the palette.


8) Go in with a shimmery yellow shade from the BH palette and highlight your brow bone the top of the nose and well as your cupids bow.

It will look something like THIS:


9) Go back in with tons of green from the palette and fill in all the spaces that seem to be showing a bit of natural skin tone and continue to color and highlight Kardashian style.
MEANING: anywhere there is a shadow fill it in with black, where the light naturally highlights take some shimmery yellow with a matte green and pat it on.
10) Take you eyeliner and tight line you eyes, fill in the water lines of your eyes and also use the eyeliner to fill in your lips. Pat your lips with a shimmer yellow in the center of the bottom lip and then press those lip together to get the color in the creases.    


11) Take a dark shimmery green and apply it on the apples of your cheeks where you would apply blush.
12) take black matte shadow and smoke out your eyes so you cannot see any natural skin tone. 



13) Perfect as you desire, add more green or yellow or black as you see fit. 

- This look will wear for about 7.5 hours if not touched or messed with. 
- The more you touch it the more it smudges and looses its crisp look. 
- This takes about 40 minutes to put on, that is not doing anything on the neck or chest. 



This is what happens when a makeup artist has a super boring day job and a little bit of time on their hands after work. Can’t remember where I saw this design to credit the artist, but this version is my work. Done all freehand using Mehron Paradise paints. #mermaid #bodypaint #makeupartistproblems #mua #makeupartist #frendsarmy #freehand #frendsnation #mehron #paradise #redhairdontcare #bored @mehronmakeupofficial

Had a quick go at a Death Eater mask with Mehron Paradise paints.

Please excuse the clumsily edited eyes, I don’t have scleras :(

Watch on makeup-enpointe.tumblr.com



all done by me (MakeUpEnPointe; IG:kris_n_diaz )

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sorry for bothering you but I was wondering what kind of face paint you use. i really like your nebula makeup!

No problem! I used mainly Mehron Paradise paints, but also sometimes Kryolan Supracolors :) thank you!