Natural history lovers young and old came to the Museum today for Identification Day, an event where Museum scientists are available to identify natural history specimens belonging to visitors.

Carl Mehling of the Paleontology Department (pictured above), had a number of highlights from the day. One visitor brought in a mammoth tooth, while another brought in coprolite, the scientific name for fossilized poop, likely from a marine reptile. Carl was also able to identify a chunk of modern whale jaw, found on a beach in Fire Island, purely by touch!

Adam Watson of the Anthropology Department (above), was excited about a visitor’s Archeulean hand-axe from Libya, as well as Archaic and Woodland Period projectile points that a visitor had found on his property by Lake Champlain.

Céline Martin of the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department (pictured on right), reported seeing many great samples, including a quartz crystal with mica and garnets, brought in by a newly minted rock collector, only four years old! 

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in ID Day, and we’ll see you again in 2016.

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Live from Identification Day!

Today is the Museum’s annual Identification Day! Inspired by the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt, the Museum celebrates the importance of natural history collections by inviting visitors to bring in their own specimens to be identified by Museum scientists. 

The event is in full swing, and hundreds of eager visitors are in the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall with their objects, ranging from fossils and shells, to insects and feathers. Above, Céline Martin and Saebyul Choe of the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department are identifying minerals. 

Over at the Ornithology table, Collections Manager Paul Sweet has a rainbow display of study skins from the Museum’s research collection. Earlier today, Paul gave an interview on Persicope about ID Day, check it out!

One of the most exciting moments so far was when New Yorker Alex S. brought in a fossil from China, which turned out to be an Early Cretaceous Microraptor! Paleontology Collections Manager Carl Mehling noted a CT Scan would be necessary to conclusively identify the item. 

ID Day continues through 5 pm, and you can follow along with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope for live updates!


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Just got serenaded by villa! #meh #mehling #uportland #collegelife #universityofportland


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Stacey Tran, editor of Portland’s Poor Claudia press & all-around amazing human, recorded this 30-minute track of this weekend’s Octopus Books double book release party & group reading, featuring ten local poets reading from the two newest Octopus Books: Chris DeWeese’s The Father of the Arrow is the Thought & Marisol Limon Martinez’s Via Dissimulata. Featuring performances by Tyler Brewington, Stacey Tran, Liz Mehl, John Beer, Travis Meyer, Kelly Schirmann, Emily Kendal Frey, James Gendron, Drew Scott Swenhaugen, & Hajara Quinn.

(via Stacey Tran / record_record)