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Questions by glorycreature:

-Where have you been all on our planet?
Never leave out the country, only to other states, sometimes.
-Favorite season? Why?
Winter! Oh God, I love the cold!
-If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?
-Has your greatest fear ever come true?
No, and I hope it stays that way.
-Would you be willing to Reduce your life expectancy by 10 years to Become extremely attractive or famous?
Definitely not. I like to be as I am, and not it would be nice to reduce my life expectancy, no knowing how long I still have. It would be like shooting in the dark.
-What is your favorite song? Why?
Freesia - girugämesh. It was a song I’ve heard much at some stage of my life, summed up what I felt and still I love this song.
-What did you want to be When You Grew Up?
Many things … But I really do not remember one in particular D:
-Biggest regret?
Some things I not did out of fear.
-When is your birthday and do you wish you Were older / younger? Why?
September 30. I do not mind getting older actually, because getting newest will not bring me advantages,  I perceive.
-If You Could Be invisible, where would you go and what would you do?
Travel for free and see shows around the world! Since I was invisible, no one would be able to stop me! HUASHASUAHSU ♥
-What’s your most prized possession would not you Share with anyone?
Only one?! I can not decide between my books, manga, pc and my cds and dvds!

Questions by megowoi:

1. How Old Were You When You first discovered J-rock?
The first time I read about something related to jrock was 8 years. But I only really started to discover the world jrock with 16.
2. Who was your first band?
3. Have you been to J-rock concert? How many?
A just, unfortunately I live so far from where the performances take place
4. Have you gone to Japan to see the band live?
No, but it would be a dream come true!
5. Do you buy merch?
I do not know exactly what it is, sorry
6. Have you ever sent a gift / letter to the band?
7. Do you stalk artists on Twitter?
Oh yes, I’m a stalker!
8. Do you make fanart / fanfiction of a band?
Yes, I want to finish my fic DEATHGAZE x cocklobin
9. Have you cosplayed a band member?
Otogi from Awoi
10. Do you find yourself favoring A Certain band position (vocals / guitar / bass / drums)?
I am completely in love with bassist!
11. Who’s your favorite band?
Oh .. I can tell DEATHlobin? Please … Do not make me choose between the two …

Oh, I’m too lazy to ask other questions, but I really love answer them.
Sorry if any response was inconsistent, it is the fault of my bad English. ;-;

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    1- Where are you from?
    2- Who is the most important person in your life?
Not There is only one.
     3- Favorite food.
     4- Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook? Why?
Tumblr. It gives me more freedom. I like Twitter, but rarely use lately, and as for facebook, I don’t like it … I do not know why exactly.
     5- Do you like Christmas eve? Why?
For me is a day like any other, I do not have much interest, but not hate.
     6- Favorite book.
Interview with the Vampire
     7- Favorite color.
     8- Do you like animals?
Yes, I think more than people. Mainly cats!
     9- Favorite movie.
     10- What’s your favorite season? Why?
Winter. I love the feel of the cold, since I live in a particularly warm place all year round.
     11- What is life for you?
What a profound question … I really do not know actually…

My questions:

1 - A song that represents you.
2 - Something you enjoy doing.
3- What is your weirdest habit?
4 - Tattoos?
5 - A moment that will never forget.
6 - You is nervous?
7 - A favorite quote and why.
8 - What is the thing that gives you more sick?
9 - A film that saw recently.
10 - A sunny day or a rainy day?
11 - Where are you from?

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