{Neon gradient & free handed tribal/Aztec print.}

Lifted some designs from Chelsea (@chelseaqueen / “chelseasgetnailed”), Eva (@coewless), and revisited some of my old designs!

After doing this mani I came to the conclusion that (although) I love gradients, I completely suck at doing them! LMFAO.

All polishes used are from Color Club (POPtastic). And surprisingly, these neon (jellies) were opaque in 2 coats. No visible nail line!



Hey guys, It’s time for another guest poster! – #12 is Megan from!

Megan’s site features gorgeous nail art with floral, tribal print and abstract designs, swatches from big and small brand polishes and lots and lots of bundles of nail mail and goodies! ps: i love the name, so punny! :)

**So check her out at MEG-LACQSIT.TUMBLR.COM or find her in instagram @razonmeg

and finally here is meg:


Hey! It’s Megan from “meg-lacqsit”. I’m a huge fan of BCTC and I’m uber excited to be a guest poster!

Floral designs are one of my favorites to do. This was inspired by a plastic storage container I saw at Big Lots! Lol. To create this design I started by painting my thumb, middle, & ring fingers with Essie’s “Blanc”. Then I painted my index finger with “Con Limon” by Floss Gloss and my pinky with “Coral Bikini” (also by FG). I used those 2 colors to make the floral pattern on the white nails by making teardrop shapes. Thanks so much for having me, Kelly! I hope you like this design I created! xx


Thanx Meg! I love it!

You can check out more featured guest posters on the GUEST page

{Neon summer gradient x lines/triangles.}

Practicing/working on my gradients cos they definitely need it! Lol! To cover up the messiness I freehanded lines/triangles (with black acrylic paint) on all my fingers. A take on Chelsea King’s work. What a tedious task! Idk how I did it. Ha!

Colors used (base to tip):
American Apparel in Neon Yellow
Orly Nail polish in Melt Your Popsicle & Beach Cruiser
Color Club in Mrs. Robinson

This is my day late International Nail Art Day mani! I had to have something for the first one ever! #betterlatethannever but I know, #neverlateisbetter lmao.

{Damask floral inspired by the “positive” version in Nail It! Magazine’s holiday issue.}

I’ve MIA for about a month. Little time & lack of any inspiration or ideas were my main reasons. I’m a little rusty. This isn’t my cleanest work but I’m trying to get back into the groove of things. Thanks to those who still check out my blog! xx

NOTW. Skagit Valley Tulip Festival inspired edition!

If you’re from Washington (like me!) you may or may not have heard of this festival before. But it’s an annual event (April 1-30) that brings visitors from all over the world - yes, I said WORLD! It’s literally fields and fields of beautiful tulips in bloom! It's in a city (Mount Vernon, WA) about 2 hours north of Seattle. More information here.

My parents used to take my brother and I all the time when I was younger. But it’s been at least 10 (or more) years since I’ve gone. And I’m super excited because I’m going tomorrow! :D Rain or shine I will enjoy it! I hadn’t planned on repainting my nails but I was sitting at work and thought, why not be festive and put the tulips on my nails?! Here’s the result!

{Triangular nail art inspired by my girl Katt (@kattclaws)!}
I can’t lie. These were a pain to do. Very tedious work! But, it was worth it?? Lol! Besides, it’s good practice for my line work! ;D

All colors used are from Essie:
Mint Candy Apple
Splash of Grenadine
The Girls Are Out
Butler Please
And I used (white) acrylic paint for the triangle pattern.

I purchased the gold chain from bornprettystore.

Treat yourself, peach yourself. I’m officially Peach’d! I’m obsessed with midi rings. The sister tandem of Vicky & Pauline - @peachmeLA (visit them on Instagram!) have other pretty jewelry so check them out here!


NOTW. Neon marble mani edition (inspired by Jenny of 10blankcanvases!)

I saw the tutorial she did for Cosmopolitan’s Beauty Fest. Seattle weather has been amazing (warm & sunny!). So, neons were screaming my name. Besides, I loved it so much I decided to give it a try! You really can’t go wrong with this mani. It’s an easy one that anyone can do. Here’s the link. There you can find her original post and her links to her photos and tutorial.

The other photo is of the acrylic paints, brush and nail polish I used (for those of you who are curious). I got the acrylics at Michael’s!

{It’s been a LONG time! I was going for a nautical/floral theme. 🌺⚓️ Close enough? LOL. I love how bright these are but the idea looked better in my head! So, I don’t really like them. 😂 I nicked my middle finger too. 😏}

Colors used:

-China Glaze’s “I Sea The Point”
-China Glaze’s “At Vase Value”
-China Glaze’s “You Drive Me Coconuts”
-OPI’s “My Boyfriend Scales Walls”
-OPI’s “You Are So Outta Lime!”

{Well, since my first idea was a fail.. lol. A quick #gradient #mani with #leopardprint. It’s been awhile so my animal print is rusty! 😹 I do love these colors from #OPI, though! 😻}

#megnificentmanis #meglacqsit #nails #nailart #nailsdid #nailstagram #nailartoohlala #nailartswag #nailartclub #nailartjunkies #barbiefingers #queennails #nails2inspire #nailsofinstagram #NOTD #NOTW

{NOTW. New Year’s mani edition.}

This was inspired by Candice aka mrcandiipants.

Candice has some of the prettiest floral designs, ever. I love florals and her designs! This particular mani was inspired by this mani.

I know, you’re probably thinking, “this mani doesn’t really give me a New Year’s vibe.” lol. I needed something with polka dots as they’re significant to Filipino superstitions and celebrating this holiday! This is one of many (superstitions) but the round shape signifies prosperity.

Anyway, I’ll end this by sharing the colors I used:
-OPI’s My Boyfriend Scales Walls (base)
-China Glaze’s Electric Pineapple (chartreuse)
Both colors were ones I wanted but couldn’t find. My dear friend Emmie sent them to me this past year.
-Jenna Hipp’s On The List (purple; from another Costo set)
-Sephora Formula X’s Omni (blue)

Wising you all an advanced prosperous and blessed 2014! xx


{OPI: Make Him Mine}

Today I’m wearing another liquid sand polish from OPI’s 2013 holiday collection!

Make Him Mine is a beautiful (metallic) rose gold! It also has small hex glitters throughout that add extra sparkle.

This was a good consistency. It wasn’t too thin or too thick. I didn’t get any patchiness on the first coat like with Kiss Me At Midnight.

This was 2 coats over 1 coat of base and no topcoat.

I’m loving all the liquid sands so far. Textured polishes have yet to disappoint me. I love all the ones I own! Do you guys have any particular favorites?

{Floral manis FTW!}

When all else fails & I can’t think of anything more creative, floral manis are my go-to design. <3

If you’re curious about my midi/knuckle rings, they are from Kelly of kokorodesign. They’re handmade! Pls look for her on instagram (@kokorodesign) for further information on how to contact her if you’re intersted :)

{Seahawks colored themed nails (designed inspired by the OPI/Gwen Stefani collection) & my 12th Man Mocha! 💙💚}

Sorry! I know I’ve been MIA. I’ve been preoccupied with other things. Most especially football right now. Lol. Congrats to our Seattle Seahawks! We’re heading to Super Bowl XLVIII!

I’ll start working on some nail art ASAP! ;D

{2013 favorites!}

Happy New Year, all! I hope you guys started the new year off right.

I didn’t get to do as much nail art in 2013 as I had hoped but here’s a few of my favorite manis.

Hoping to get the ball rolling and start on my first mani of the new year this weekend ;)

{mrcandiipants inspired Christmas trees!}

So, I’ve been MIA for awhile. I’ve been sick! As a result I haven’t been able to do as much holiday nail art like I wanted to.

I loved Candice’s Christmas trees mani. I wanted to give them a try. Hers are definitely better but I do love the look of them. They’re so cute! Used some textured polishes to add a little dimension to them.

{#Halloween #nails! Kept is simple & #sweet. Lifted some ideas from @blognailedit & @attackedastoria. To make it pop a little more I used #textured #polishes from @zoyanailpolish. #TrickOrTreat! 🎃👻🍬🍭}

#meglacqsit #nails #nailart #nailsdid #nailstagram #nailartoohlala #nailartswag #nailartclub #nailartjunkies #barbiefingers #queennails #nails2inspire #nailsofinstagram #NOTD #NOTW #candy #candycorn #HappyHalloween

{Color block nails with a textured twist!}

This was actually my first time doing color block nails. We all know how amazing Sarah from Chalkboard Nails is! For this mani, I used one of her tutorials. You can find that tutorial here.

I started with a base of OPI’s My Boyfriend Scales Walls (sent to me by my dear friend, Emmie of Just Tis Ems <—— visit her blog!). It’s a lovely off-white shade & I’m obsessed! And then instead of using cremes like Sarah did, I used a bunch of blue textured polishes. This is totally my kind of color palette because I love neutrals & blue is my favorite color!

Colors used:
My Boyfriend Scales Walls from OPI
Alcatraz… Rocks from OPI (My new fav liquid sand! It’s absolutely amazing. If you can’t decide on which polishes to pick up from the San Francisco collection but you want at least one.. look no further, THIS IS IT IMO!)
Blue-Berry Sweet On You from Nicole by OPI
Nyx from Zoya

I think what makes this mani even more special is that all the polishes have different textured finishes and that adds to the dimension of the mani! I hope you guys enjoy this mani as much as I do! xx


{NOTW. Alice + Olivia for Starbucks mug edition.}

I came across this coffee mug on Instagram. And me being the coffee addict I am.. I hunted it down. I knew I HAD to have it. It’s so friggin adorable!

It also ended up being my inspiration for some nail art! Finally, right?! I’ve been in a rut for so long.

I know, I sound like a broken record but I’m (still) obsessed with textured polishes. And I do believe this is one nail polish trend I’ll never get tired of!

Colors used:
Zoya in Dahlia & Tomoko
Essie in Blanc
Black & white acrylic paint for the bow tie