Fun and Fancy Free || Megiam

Liam waited on the couch, already dressed, in his coat, and ready. He’d picked out a heavier coat than he would have liked to wear during March, but it was still too cold out to just wear his sweater. Meg said she’d be down in two minutes… and it definitely was longer than that. He wanted to go up and get her, pick her up and carry her down the stairs over his shoulder. That would have been a hilarious sight to see, if it weren’t for the stupid charm on the stairs! Why was it that the girls were allowed in the boys’ rooms, but boys weren’t allowed in the girls’ rooms? He didn’t understand the double standard and so he sat there on the couch, head resting on top of the backrest, staring at the common room ceiling. 

It’d been two days since she’d spent the night in his room with him, and one day since he’d helped Jez get back here after her incident. He hadn’t seen her since then and he wondered if she was okay. She’d been so shaken up that night, and so had he. He hadn’t told Meg about it yet, and he wondered if he needed to. I mean, it wasn’t like he cheated on her. All he did was pick Jezebel up and carry her into the common room. But it was Jezebel, and after that night in the kitchen, Liam had never talked about her in front of Meg. He wasn’t sure how Meg felt about her, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to know. But then again, Meg probably had a right to know about what happened… but how would he tell her?

He rolled his eyes, sighed and lifted his head up just in time to see Meg coming down the stairs. He hopped off the couch, happy and relieved to see her. And he made a serious face. “It’s about time, Princess,” he said referring to her taking so long. “By the time we get there, Honeydukes will be sold out of everything!” he threw his hands in the air for dramatic affect. He smiled and then offered his hand for her to take. “Ready, mademoiselle?” 

Megan danced around the campfire and Liam watched her smiling softly. “megs what are you doing?” She smiled at him her dress spinning around her “Obviously I’m dancing silly.” He started to walk towards her and she turned and started too run towards the field  ”I’m not that easy to catch Liam.” But before she knew it he had caught her picking her up and she squealed softly and he whispered in her ear “I think that was easy enough.” 

Megan relaxed in his arms a soft smile on her face “I think my whole intention was to get you to catch me.” Her eyes looked out into the field and she noticed little balls of light floating everywhere she squirmed and slid out of his arms “Stay there I’ll be right back.” She ran back to the campsite grabbing a jug they had used for water and she ran quickly back her wand in hand. She placed her wand down and walked over grabbing a few of the Fireflies in her hands walking over to Liam as she placed them in the jug placing her hand on the top laying down on her belly watching them sparkle. 

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Mini Imagine:

You are going to surprise Luke in LA. He has no idea you are coming so the first time he sees you is in the front row of their show. He smiles all night and almost forgets the words to his own songs because he just can’t wait to get off stage and hold you. “Sorry I was pretty distracted tonight. I had no idea my girlfriend, Megan, would be in the audience tonight.” He smiled blowing you a kiss. 


I'm Still Here || Megiam

The sun poured in through the window of the boys’ dormitory, streaming into Liam’s face. He squinted one eye open, seeing only white. He closed it again, and then blinked them both open and shut trying to adjust his eyes to the light. He held up a hand, blocking the light so he could see the room around him. The room was empty except for him and the sleeping beauty beside him. The guys obviously had seen her in his bed and were surely wondering what had gone on. Liam rolled his eyes, and scratched his eyes. Let them talk about whatever, he thought. 

He looked down at Meg, still asleep. Her hair was a mess of curls and he wished he sad some kind of camera, muggle or enchanted to capture her. He wished he could draw well to draw, or paint this. But all he had was his memory to help him capture this moment. His hand reached up and he let the back of his fingers brush her soft cheek. He bent down and kissed her forehead and then her nose. He did have some kind of obsession with her nose, like she’d said. But it was just so fun to kiss. 

"Wake up, Red," he said as his hand rubbed down her arm. He kissed her nose again. "Wake up." 

Skinny Love || Megiam

Sitting next to Meg by the water, the stream ripping over his feet, Liam felt more content than he ever had before. His arm wrapped around her waist, he hugged the tiny redhead to his side and kissed her cheek. Looking up at the stars, he smiled and pointed out constellations that he saw, reminiscing back to their first night on the Astronomy tower rooftop. Turning around, he saw the crowd of people who’d once been convening around the campfire were now disbanded and back to their tents and trailers. The smokey smell from the recently put out fire reached Liam’s nose and he turned his head, burying his face in Meg’s hair, breathing in her familiar vanilla scent. “Why do you always smell so good?” he asked. His hand traveling up her back, rubbing it gently before he let it graze back down. In the moonlight she was so beautiful. And even though he knew she’d never truly believe him if he told her, he thought she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. 

Getting away from the castle was something he knew she needed. She needed to be away from the owls, the attacks, the constant tension in the air from exams and the dark figures lurking around every corner. Tate seemed to have stopped since Liam and Bree’s encounter with him, but it only made Liam more nervous. Not to mention, he hated the fact that Bree could have tricked him so easily. But tonight, he didn’t want to think about either of them. He wanted to think about Meg and himself. He wanted to hold her and kiss her and tell her he loved her. His held in a breath and let is escape slowly as he looked at her. “Do you think you might be ready to go in?” he asked, tilting his head toward the tent. 

All We Have Is Now || Megiam

Everything was planned, and Liam made his way down the corridor to Hufflepuff house. Waiting just outside, he leaned against the wall, waiting for his redheaded girlfriend to emerge. He knew she’d probably be dressed in a dress and a sweater, her hair falling in curly tendrils. Her hair was a little longer than when they’d first met. And he liked it. Leaning against the wall, he crossed his arms and thought about everything he did today to prepare for their date. He was used to seeing Meg, yes, but they usually just hung out in the common room or snuggled in Liam’s bed. They rarely actually went on a date. And Liam wanted this one to be perfect. Seeing Meg, he smiled and gave her a hug and quick peck on the cheek. “Hey, Red,” he said happily. “Are you ready?” 

Pull Me Back to Earth || Megiam

The trip to the hospital wing with Bree was hard. A struggle climbing up the hill to the castle and walking through the halls with burned up arms was embarrassing to say the least, with students walking past, hushed tones in their voices, whispering to each other about their whereabouts. Hopefully, just a spell or potion gone wrong was the excuse they’d come up with. Liam ignored their eyes, helping Bree to the hospital wing while the burns on his arms stung against the breeze from walking on his bare flesh. He didn’t dare look at them for fear of being disgusted. 

Once they were all cleaned up and Madam Pomfrey had done the best she could, he was sent with a cup of pumpkin juice back to his room, given an excuse notice to miss classes the next day or so until his arms healed up. “No heavy lifting, no strenuous exercises, and I’m sure you’ll find long sleeved skirts will be most uncomfortable,” she said. Walking out into the corridor, he was allowed to leave while Madam Pomfrey paid more mind to Bree’s face rather than his arms. He didn’t know what to say to Bree about the whole ordeal and instead of offering to stay with her, he retreated to his room. He passed the girls’ dormitory stairs, wondering where Meg was at the moment. Dinner? Probably. He climbed the stairs to his own room and closed the door behind him. He painfully removed his tattered shirt and threw it in a wastebasket, turning to head to his bed, but instead of finding his empty bed. He saw a vision with red curls propped up on it, remnants of a smile on her face.

He saw her eyes on his burned arms and he swallowed, his eyes hallow, watching her reactions as he stood there. He knew he’d have to tell her, but he thought he’d have some time before he did. He licked his lips and looked down at the floor before he looked back up at her, chewing on his lips a little, nervously. He half smiled at her and then simply said, “Hey,” not even trying to walk over to her, knowing she’d be mad about the whole thing. 

Your Kiss Is On My List || Megiam

The day was bright and the sun was out. Liam thanked the weather for being so cooperating as he sat on the edge of the Black Lake. Leaning back with his hands in the sand, he crossed his leg over the other, feeling the warmth of the sun on his bare skin. Meg sat beside him in her sweet little one piece bathing suit. He’d told her how cute polka dots were on her when she’d taken off her cover up at the start of the day. They’d brought food and drinks and had already been finished with lunch for an hour as they sat peacefully, feeling the sun on their cheeks and watching the occasional ripple of water as fish and other creatures in the lake scanned for food on the surface. 

Looking over at Meg, he smiled. “You think you might want to go in?” he asked. “It’s getting kind of hot to me.” And it was, the sun beating down on his neck, he felt himself starting to sweat and thought a nice dip would be relieving. However, it was only May and he knew the water wouldn’t be so forgiving as much as frigid. He knew if she agreed, he’d have to make her run in before she realized it was too cold. Standing up, he held out his hand to help her up. “Come on, Red,” he said with soft eyes. “Let’s go.” 

Loose Ends || Megiam Chatzy

Liam knew he had to talk to Meg. She had to be avoiding him because she was mad, but now he was hurting. He’d never gone this long without seeing her, or at least hearing from her. He wanted to say he was sorry, wanted things to go back to the way they were. Walking into the library he checked every nook and cranny for her. She wasn’t in the common room and when he’d asked Char, she said Meg wasn’t in her room either. He knew she had to be in the library. If she wasn’t he’d cross that bridge, but he could feel her here. He knew she was. Glancing around he almost was about to give up and walk out, possibly to the kitchens if not to find Meg, then for a snack. But a bright red vision caught his eyes when he saw her, facing a bookshelf away from him, standing in the corner. She reached up on her tip toes for a book and he walked up behind her as she turned around. “Meg,” he said approaching her. “We need to talk.”

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Megan: Liam, lets run through that field!
Liam: I thought you wanted to come out here and read.
Megan: I did… ‘till I saw the field.
Liam: So you admit reading is boring?
Megan: Shut up, don’t put words in my mouth.

Liam and Megan over the summer. Taken by a smiling Liam.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock : Part Two || Self-para

Liam looked around the empty hospital wing except for the sleeping beauty who’s hand he held. He’d managed to stop crying for now and it was a relief that he could breathe through his nose. He pursed his lips together and watched her sleeping in the bed. The slow rise and fall of her chest as he head her hand was comforting, but still an anxiety remained. 

The sunlight was peeking in through the windows and Liam felt like he’d been sitting with her for an eternity. He stared at her pale skin, willing her to wake up. He sighed and slowly and reluctantly let go of her hand. He couldn’t leave her, he knew that, but he couldn’t just stare at her or he would drive himself crazy. He stood up and stretched his tired legs. They were sore and heavy from the running and straining and also his lack of sleep. He rubbed his shins and stood up, walking to the edge of the bed. He paced back and forth with his arms crossed. He hated that he paced, but he did. 

He’d just let his legs get adjusted to the walking when he spotted a bookshelf in the corner of the room. He slowly made his way over, scanning over the books. There were a lot of school books here, maybe for a lost and found kind of thing, or just Madam Pomfrey’s personal collection. There were also a lot of potion books, and muggle medical books, even a History of St. Mungo’s book. His eyes moved away from those as he looked to the bottom. A book caught his eye. The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland. He’d seen Meg reading that before and his hand reached out for it. He flipped through a few pages and turned back to her bed. He glanced up at her and she was still there, still sleeping. His shoulders fell and walked back to her, book in hand.

He got comfortable.. well as comfortable as he could in the chair and pulled out his wand, which he’d had Oliver bring to him. He charmed the book to float in the air while he held onto Meg’s hand and he began to read. “Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank…" and he continued like this for a few minutes, getting through two pages before he looked down at her sleeping body as the book magically turned the page. "You like this stuff?" he asked. "Alice sounds like a brat." He pulled her weak hand up to his lips and kissed her softly. 

"Wake up, Meg," he said choking back more tears. "I need you." His voice faltered as he said the words. "I need you to be here," and the tears came. He was surprised he could cry even more than he already had. "I need you to wake up and make a funny face at me. I need you to tell me I’m being silly and scrunch up your nose and pout to get your way. I need you to talk about books and bore me to death." He kissed her hand again. "Please, Meg." The tears were streaming now again. How could this happen? First, Jez. Now, Meg. It seemed like the whole world was against him being happy. He rubbed his eyes and sniffed, then cleared his throat, before turning back to the book. 

"Alice was not a bit hurt, and she jumped to her feet at that moment…"