Quick review on the Wet N Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain.

First off, I would like to point out the name of the swatches beginning from top to bottom: 

  1. Lady And The Vamp (Plum Red)
  2. Red-dy Or Not (Signature Red)
  3. Rico Mauve (Mauve-ish Pink to the human eye)
  4. A Stiff Pink (Barbie Pink)

I’d like to point out the packaging of these items before I disassembled it for trial purposes. They are heavily package with the kind of plastic that requires you to tear off through the dotted lines. My personal opinion on that was that the plastic is always a great idea on any lip color. (It keeps my germophobic tendencies to rest). It was more difficult to remove than other lip products I have purchased in the past, but that was the least of my worries. 

These balms are as smooth as butter on the lips. Against competitors, these are the most moisturizing ones I have encountered. 

The color payoff is fantastic. Highly pigmented, and once the shine goes away due to drinking, food, etcetera, it leaves a nice, light shade of your tint.

The price is what makes this amazing. If you go right now to Walgreens, they have them on sale: 2 for $3, PLUS a one dollar off sticker on each crayon. So, you basically can get four balm stains for just below the price of  1 (possibly less, since one stick usually goes for $2.99!)

So, overall? I give this product a solid A. Only complaint was the difficult of the packaging. Other than that, I would be advising you all to go running to your local Walgreens before this sale goes away! If you aren’t a fan of lipsticks, but want the effect of one, with some moisturizing effect, this is your way to go!

FINALLY found a Walgreens location carrying the #wetnwild Halloween 2014 display! Picked up the 2am Call Time #balmstain, Cinema Glamour #megaslick lip gloss, and a #lipstick in Sunset Stripped. Cannot wait to wear these for a layered look! #lipgloss #makeup #beautyblogger #beauty #looks #fall #halloween #swatch #walgreens #2amcalltime #sunsetstripped #cinemaglamour #limitededition

Day 3 of 30-Day Makeup Challenge: Creating a crease on monolids can be a bit challenging but it can be done without looking like you have raccoon eyes. For today’s look, I used E.L.F. green eyeshadow on the lid and Blackout from my Naked 2 to create depth in the crease. To soften the black, I had blended Faint from my Naked Basics palette and orange from my E.L.F. eyeshadow set. To line my eyes, I had used Rimmel Scandaleyes (top) and a black eyeliner (bottom). I kept my blush and lips very sheer and pink (MAC Pink Peony). For my lips, I had used Pink Passion from Jordana (inner lips only) and glossed it over with WetnWild MegaSlicks Sweet Glaze/Fondant. #pmts #morgan_glam #30daymakeupchallenge #motd #greenpower #pinklips #greeneyeshadow #urbandecay #naked2 #e.l.f #wetnwild #jordana #mac #instamakeup #instagood #green #TFLers #lashes #cosmetics #monolidmakeup #asianeyes #browsonpoint #lipgloss @morgan_glam by jenavu http://j.mp/WeNcrE