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I must ask, I tried to get into your comic, but found it read right to left, so well, why?

As a lefty, I draw from right to left. That’s why I’ve always preferred the Japanese direction in planning comics. I’ve absolutely despised drawing from left to right tbh. I always smudge the drawings with my hand and it looks like this when I draw

and it irritates the hell out of me (even now). I mean it wouldn’t matter if I were drawing it digitally (like the left-right comics I sometimes post on tumblr) but I plan and draw my comics on actual paper so it’s really bothersome. 

On a slightly related note, there are actual people who have issues against English-speaking artists who use the right-left direction instead of the “western” left to right (like it’s “weaboo” or something?). But if you think about it, I don’t care  ?  I do what I want??

Day 392 - Delvil | デルビル | Houndour

Delvil used Thunder Fang!

Delvil’s bone-like structures are calcified protrusions that are as hard as a human femur. They protect Delvil’s body from the hits they sustain whilst training. Their ankle rings are weighted, so their musculature is well defined.

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