Megan & Liz “Leave the Night On” by Sam Hunt (Acoustic)

so there’s a new Twelfth Doctor e-book out (it’s called Lights Out and it’s the final one in that series they did for the 50th, with a new Doctor each month) and i picked it up bc it was only a pound

it looks like it’s only Twelve, no Clara



that’s bc it’s apparently the story of the reason it took him three weeks to get the coffee

…He turns to look at me with piercing, hollow-set grey eyes, then furrows his impressive silvery brows.
'I'm buying a coffee,' he says. 'For a girl.'
'Ah,' I say, wondering if her secondary antennae came in. It sure sounds like it. 'Great.'
'She thinks I'm just buying her a twenty-first-century Earth coffee,' he goes on, rocking back on his heels. 'Won't she be surprised? Turns out I'm the fetching sort after all. I mean, this isn't as good as the incredible coffee made by Elisabeth Pepsis, of course, or that amazing stuff Benton used to make - what was his first name? Oh yes, Sergeant. Sergeant Benton. Something to do with the temperature of the water, he said. But this is still good.
'Clara's a bit annoyed with me, but once she tastes this her mood will be much improved. Or possibly not, but at least she'll have coffee.'
'Clara?' I echo. He's said a bunch of names, but that seems to be the important one.
He nods. ‘She’s impossible.’

for context on the “secondary antennae” thing, i refer you to this bit from a few pages earlier: “lately, 78342 spends hours complaining because her secondary antennae finally came in and, ever since, boys have been paying her more attention” - aka the Doctor sounds, to this character, as if he’s romantically interested in Clara