"I love philanthropic Christian." I murmur.

 ”Just him?”

 ”Oh, I love megalomaniac Christian too, and control freak Christian, sexpertise Christian, kinky Christian, romantic Christian, shy Christian… the list is endless.”

"That’s a whole lot of Christian’s."

 ”I’d say at least fifty.” 

He laughs. “Fifty Shades”. he murmurs into my hair.

"My fifty shades." 

 Chapter Eighteen - Fifty Shades Freed

Hey hello Americans, nobody here in Europe is excusing the co-pilot just for being white. Nobody gives a fuck about his skin colour. Yeah he was depressed, he was a megalomaniac mad guy who killed 149 other people because hanging himself wasn’t enough.
In Europe, we are asking why he was permitted to fly.


The bloodbending brothers

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KMFDM- Megalomaniac

Die wunder dieser welt werden dir geschenkt
Glück ist nicht käuflich sehnsucht bleibt unerreicht
Preisrätsel winken nimmersatt
Kein mitleid für die mehrheit

Nihilistic mystics
Apostolic Alcoholics
Messianic Manics
Cataclysmic and prolific
In the age of super-boredom, hype and mediocrity
Celebrate relentlessness, menace to society

This is counter-culture from the underground
Eternal revolution, this is our sound
KMFDM, better than the best
Megalomaniacal and harder than the rest

Refuse is our inspiration, terrorism our trade
Sabotage and piracy, chaos our mental state
Mesmerizing, festering, intended for the faint of heart
Cultish and Anthemic until death us do part

Wenn der untergrund bebt ist die ordnung erschüttert
Der verrat an der seele macht leben ungesund
Mit unschlagbaren reimen werden wir uns vertreiben
Die zeit der langen weile bis zum grossen bums

Like a fiendish tropic virus spitting bile on all you whores
Razor-sharp, tongue-in-cheek poking in your open sores
A wolf in sheep’s clothing; the ultimate disgrace
Wrapped up as a gift of god, exploding in your face

imagine light yagami giving you a typical anime friendship speech

"hey friend [eye twitches] i respect you [smile drops momentarily] and value you as a person [arm convulses] together we can [shoulders shake] accomplish anything [body spasms] if we put our hearts and souls [spews blood] on the line [eyes roll back] let’s do our best [has an epileptic fit]’

"Why, it would take some kind of insane meglomaniacal fiend to take pleasure in wielding the tapestry of creation to focus pure energy into reality through nothing more than my own will, the rush of electricity through my being, the power—my god, the power! It’s the only time I feel aliiiiiiiiive!

—Black Mage, 8-bit Theater

(Oh yeah, she wants me.)

Super GL inspired but I like the direction. Name is temporary, its just Lamnidae jumbled around. Reason why the machine is better with the controller docked is that there is no reason to split up energy into powering both the controller and Admelain at the same time. When it’s docked there it unlocks a bunch of other features since Shark Girl (temp named Ria Carscha) can do more of the work in controlling it. It has the capacity to learn and move on its own too but it is very limited.

Or something like that. This is the only thing I have drawn all week, but I feel up to drawing again so I’ll get back on the stuff I -need- to get done.

“I’m kind of conflicted on killing Mr. House, because when he says he could have mankind back on its feet in 100 years, I believe him. He made himself functionally immortal, he built an army from scratch, he saw the war coming from years away and nearly saved Clark County from every nuke sent at it. He is a demonstrable genius who could rebuild the pre-war world, but he’s also a megalomaniac who views everything that doesn’t agree with him as something to be destroyed. I really wish I could’ve disconnected him and left him alive to preserve his wisdom. At the very least, he would’ve been entertaining.“

Fallout Confessions

This Love, This Hate
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These lies are leading me astray 
           It’s too much for me stay
                    I don’t wanna live
                              This destiny
It goes on endlessly

                      I see you so please stay strong
                                    I’ll sing you one last song and then I’m gone
                                               I don’t wanna live 
                                                         This destiny
It goes on endlessly


Sooo this has been sitting on my computer for a while now… I had this idea for a “short” comic about Hawke punching an Innkeeper in the face after the events of DA2, but then Inquisition came out and I don’t think it’ll get done anytime soon.
Maybe one day I’ll get the urge to finish this.

So yeah, the amount of people who don’t mind my drawings popping up on their dashboard has the little kid in me dropping his jaw. Sending an ask wishing good morning to each of you would take almost three hours. Then it wouldn’t be morning anymore; that’s how serious the situation has become.

This is a good point in my life for celebrating stuff like this, considering I’m going to start applying for proper artist jobs for the first time in my life. So after every failed interview, I’ll be able to console myself: “Maybe they don’t like me, but hey, a THOUSAND people want to see what I draw next!”


To let you guys join me in the celebratory business, The Qwerty Prophecy will be holding a giveaway. Drawing-y stuff, since I’m assuming that’s what you guys like around here.


The randomly generated lucky person will receive a free commission and a high-quality print, i.e. they can tell me to draw something and instead of being a lazy bastard, I’ll actually do it, and post a tangible copy to them so they can draw moustaches on it.

Two others blessed by the lord of dice will receive a print of their choosing, from any of my previous non-commissioned drawings and fanart.


To enter, reblog this post. Each reblog counts as an entry. The giveaway ends on SEPTEMBER 5TH. I will contact the winners via the ask box; if their box is closed or their reply takes over 24 hours, I’ll re-roll. After the announcement of the winners, the prints should arrive as soon as the printing company and the mailman allow.