Check out this awesome set of photos taken of my Little Mac Cosplay by my bro Ray and one by iM Photography!

Little Mac cosplay: Fisticuff Cosplay
Doc Louis cosplay: Derek Hunter Cosplay
Raymond Madamba Photography

Sailor Lads VS Sailor Ladies!

Photographer: Short Fuse Pinups

Event: MegaCon 2014 Sailor Scout Cosplay Meet Up

Sailor Ladies

Tuxedo Mask – Trey Rose

Sailor Moon – Tonya Ferguson

Sailor Mercury – Veron

Sailor Mars – Keia Coenen

Sailor Venus – Sugar High Cosplay

Sailor Uranus – blueshoescosplay

Sailor Neptune- mew21cosplay

Sailor Saturn – More Devine Cosplayer

Small Lady – cosplaysnapped

Sailor Chibi Moon – Tonya Ferguson daughter

 Sailor Lads

Genderbend Tuxedo Mask – Jess Bamboo

Genderbend Sailor Moon – Scott Prongs

Genderbend Sailor Mercury – Andy Moony

Genderbend Sailor Mars – Dimitri Kopansky

Genderbend Sailor Venus – Chester Daugherty

Genderbend Sailor Uranus – Cloud To

Genderbend Sailor Neptune- Nathan Henderson

Genderbend Sailor Saturn – Vincent Anderson

Genderbend Sailor Chibi Moon – David Francis

Alright! The last photo that I’m posting from #megacon! Thanks for the kind comments and likes!! I really appreciate it! #ramonaflowers #scottpilgrim #movies #comics #megacon #megacon2014 #mc2014 #orlando #florida #cosplay #costume #creative #fun #life #travels #nikon #d5200 #convention #con

- Cosplay by: https://www.facebook.com/nikkiflowerscosplay


Here he is finally!! I have been planning this cosplay since I saw the movie in theaters (the first time). He still needs some fine tuning, and I have a lot of props in mind I didn’t have time to make before Megacon and the wig still needs to be styled properly, but I couldn’t wait for another con to wear him any more, haha. This is my adaptation of Sandman from Rise of the Guardians. I went with a pseudo Arabian theme for his outfit. I didn’t want to try to replicate him exactly from the movie as I am not short or stout enough for that, but decided to design something that would still stay true to him and fit my body type. I still have a lot more plans for him, but so far I am really happy with him. I met a really cool Tooth and Rabbit at Mega as well, and I hope we find each other via the magic of the internet so we can cosplay together someday! This was a really fun character to portray and I can’t wait to get him 100% done and do a photoshoot and really show my love for his character! 
It’s difficult to see but in some of these I am blowing “dream sand” out onto the people below, hehehe. If you look hard you can see it though! 

wow someone caught a snapshot of this. there’s story behind it. An adorable Elsa approached me and asked for a shippy photo and I said sure what would you like? She said kiss, to which I replied with an alrighty most expected, expecting to stage kiss she immediately grabbed me and kissed me full on the lips, she sure knew what she wanted 😉 Surprising event of my Friday!


Photoset ~ Super Sailor Uranus meets Genderbend Uranus:

Event ~ MegaCon 2014 Sailor Scout Cosplay MeetUp

1st photo by jlpeacockstudios

2nd photo by shortfusepinups

3rd photo by Russel Chang

4th photo by shortfusepinups

Super Sailor Uranus - blueshoescosplay

Genderbend Sailor Uranus - Cloud To

Super Sailor Neptune - mew21cosplay

Genderbend Sailor Neptune - Nathan Henderson

A funny story that we did of what would happen if genderbend Uranus and Neptune met real Uranus and Neptune. Given her behavior throughout the show we figured at first they would admire each other for being warriors, but then inevitably start hitting on each others Neptune’s. Thus leading to Lady Uranus having a jealousy fit and them both going at each other. ~ MEW21 Cosplay


As we enter day two of MegaCon in Orlando, FL, I wanted to post a few photos of my cosplay as Popuri from The Harvest Moon games. I decided to go with the N64 version since I couldn’t find a good/cute enough chicken as a prop.
My wig has since become more and more disheveled from our lovely Florida weather, but at least I have some good shots of it beforehand.