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I never had an opinion about churches paying taxes. While I’ve always been skeptical of the mega churches, I do wonder how it would impact smaller neighborhood cultural churches. This image seems more like an anti-theist wanting to prove how much churches get away with as oppose to someone who genuinely cares about those in poverty…

Regardless, this is an interesting figure that places the cost of alleviating poverty into poerspective.

Today, the rise of mega-churches like Lakewood Church in Texas and North Point Community Church in Georgia exemplifies the creative power of religion in America. These hubs of Christianity exude spiritual vitality and a vibe that consistently draws thousands of young adults. As regular attendance drops elsewhere around the nation, researchers at the Hartford Institute for Religion Research have found that the 1,300 American mega-churches are experiencing explosive growth, now averaging 4,000 attendees each week.

Coming from a very large, ‘mega church’ if you will, one of my most favorite things is belonging to a body of believers where no one believes they are any more than the next person.

Going from a church where it was impossible to talk to the pastor, to one where your pastor reaches out to you and wants to know your story is the best.

Thanks for taking the time to invest in each one of us, Phil. You rock.

its so crazy u could run in the woods in the snow stark naked screaming KILL ME KILL ME NOW and not drop dead.

u could burst a tambourine over your knee at midnight

u can swear 2 God even if u don’t believe in God

u could have been born to parents who made u go on a spiritual journey in the wilderness with no food or water or u could b born to parents who make u go to a mega church with an adjoined tanning salon

so what?


Working on the Tithe today.  Opening scene of the 2nd issue.  I’ll start posting some colors up soon. — Matt

In THE TITHE, mega-churches are being robbed for millions of dollars by a crusader hacker group known as Samaritan who is giving the money to causes they deem more worthy. This modern day “Robin Hood” is being pursued by two FBI agents who actually admire their quarry but want to stop the theft before it escalates.

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Pastor Ighodalo’s Staff Plot To Kill Him and Kidnap his Wife Ibidun for N80m Ransom

Pastor Ighodalo’s Staff Plot To Kill Him and Kidnap his Wife Ibidun for N80m Ransom

  An attempt by two domestic staff to poison Pastor Itua Ighodalo of Trinity House, a mega church in Victoria Island, Lagos, western Nigeria, has been foiled.

According to PM News, the  two workers allegedly connived with a herbalist to hatch the plot to enable them kidnap the pastor’s wife, Ibidunni, and demand for a ransom of N80 million. But the plot was foiled by the couple before they…

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One of the things I’ve always loved about our community is that we have this multi-denominational church right in the middle of town. Baptist, Methodist & Presbyterian - share the same building and have since 1870. The preaching that you get depends on which Sunday you attend. It’s unusual and something that seems so out of place today with mega churches and non-denominational congregations. Historic and progressive at the same time, a lot like Elkins. I think it says a lot for Elkins that we can come together as a community for church. To me, it speaks volumes about our community and more importantly volumes about the membership that the church which has been around and active for 145 years.

Psalm 29

Ascribe to the Lord the glory of his name; worship the lord in holy splendor … The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is full of majesty… . The voice of the Lord causes the oaks to whirl, and strips the forest bare; and in his temple, all say “Glory!”

I once attended a nearby mega-church and heard a glorious sound when all sang, all shouted with joy, and all praised the Lord. My own little church with its stained glass windows, elderly congregation, and settled ways could not raise such a marvelous sound. It does, however, raise a multitude of silent, shared, and heart-felt prayers. I doubt that God has a preference, but I prefer the quiet, obedient, and constant liturgy of ancient worship, the emotional connection with past worshippers, and the contentment of well-tested ritual.

We visited, on the island of Crete, an ancient Minoan site of worship, with many-thousand-year-old tiled floor, and the statue of a horned deity at one end of the open-air enclosure. I could imagine the procession, the dancers and musicians, and feel their awe. They lived long before Jesus, but they knew we are not alone upon this earth to solve our own problems, and they worshiped as best they knew.

The Lord sits enthroned above the flood; the Lord sits enthroned forever. May the Lord give strength to his people! May the Lord bless his people with peace.

That so-illusive concept—peace. We yearn for some in our lives, yet continue to watch and read about violent attacks by humans on each other everywhere on our earth. “The earth is the Lords, and all that is in it.” Do we try to help people involved in wars? Do we enter in? Do we stand by and watch, doing nothing? What position is in our best interests?  Does that matter at all? Note that David thinks peace is sent by God, not obtained by human effort. Are we swatting away flies as a huge bomber approaches us, its intended target?

We happily sought aid from France and Holland in our 1776 war with Great Britain. What if another country had helped England? Fortunately, that did not happen to any large extent. Other European countries were eager to combat English power on their own. Are we humans condemned to keep playing the game of King of the Hill to the end of time?

What do we do to obtain the blessing of peace from our Lord? Nothing we have done so far seems to be working. What about the damaged 300,000-year-old bodies recently found in Sima de los Huesos (the pit of bones), northern Spain? They did not die in peace.

 Evelyn Wolph Kruger, author: Revolutionary Rose, Redeeming Grace, Stalking Sadie, Murder Beach, Old Line Publishing, LLC. See also,