Second half of the doodles from my Pokemon Y adventures. Check out the first half here! Feel free to look at my pretty much inactive Pokemon twitter @PKMN_Orange.

Final Kalos team consists of:
Cipher (Pumpkaboo)
Hopscotch (Frogadier)
Schlosser (Klefki)
Fisticuffs (Pangoro)
Daxter (Dwebble)
Superbolt (Manectric)
Wildfire (Houndoom)

Superbolt and Wildfire both have their mega stones. They’re mega doggie bros :3 I have seven Pokemon on my team cuz I like to rotate (HM slaves not included).


 Mega Evolution releases all of a Pokémon’s hidden energy at once. The Pokémon then exhibits a level of power it could not attain through ordinary Evolution. Do all people and Pokémon have such potential, or is it hidden within a chosen few?”

The Mega Evolutions of Hoenn

Another four mega pokemon have been given pendants! There’s only four more left after this, so if your favorite hasn’t turned up yet that means it’s up next! Whenever I see mega Banette I always think it would make a great Poke-themed hoodie, I’d wear the hell out of something like that!

Pendants by Trinket Geek:

Mega Stone necklaces

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