Into The Deep Blue Sky
  • Into The Deep Blue Sky
  • Hayato Matsuo, Hitoshi Sakimoto

Master Of Monsters (Mega Drive), 1991
Hayato Matsuo, Hitoshi Sakimoto

Mellow March. Low-key tunes all month long. FM is beautiful.

Almost Blade Runner-esque.

My favorite thing about Japanese-developed Mega Drive games is that most quality titles actually make use of the PSG included for backwards compatibility with the Master System to enhance the polyphony and sonic palette of the music. Western developers never bothered supporting it in their, let’s face it, inferior sound drivers. There is a similar situation on the Game Boy Advance where most developers (even Nintendo themselves) ignored the Game Boy “legacy” hardware in favor of sample playback only. Game Freak in particular made excellent use of it (here anchoring the entire song with a chunky pulse wave bassline). It tickles me that a game released in 2005 was still using a noise generator for hi hats.