Some Mega Slowbros to go along with the Slowpoke line I doodled the other day

I like to think they’re Slowbros who’ve adjusted to life in big-ass shells like hermit crabs (hence the beefed-up arms from dragging themselves around a lot) and if they build up enough momentum they can spin themselves like a top (which as silly as it looks tends to hurt a fucking lot if you get in the way)


Actually, we have two 3rd party items already!

The Boss Galaga and the S Flag are both items borrowed from Namco’s collection, rather than Nintendo’s. As for additional items from the third parties in Smash?

Sonic’s classic TV Monitors could make an appearance. The shield would be the most likely of these, as it is the most iconic. As for Megaman….

Eddie’s not a bad option! He could show up and throw items everywhere! Though that might be more AT material. Megaman has a ton of weapons in his series, but we still don’t know which ones will be used in his custom moves, so we can’t really say which ones would be good items! We don’t know what’s available….but hopefully we’ll know soon!

mega-crunch said:

Like it's probably not my place as a queer girl to say but isn't bear culture in itself problematic? Like racism and misogyny and transphobia? And rapey stuff is sooo prevalent too? I've seen Erik talk about it like a lot he hates bears.

I think that narrowing “bear culture” down to any one thing is a little problematic.  There are some people within the bear community who do have problems with racism, homophobia, and transphobia.  But there’s also people like that in the Jewish community, or the white community, or the Magic: The Gathering community.  Just like anything, I think that the “bear community” (which is not really a thing in my opinion) gets judged by people on the fringe, as does any group of people.  I don’t think that attacking “bear culture” as a whole, which provides a safe space for people who don’t feel like they fit into the stereotypical gay male physical image, does anything to fight racism or homophobia or misogyny.  Educating EVERYONE on how to be sensitive to these issues forwards those causes.