Exciting news! Barnes & Noble is hosting a ton of great John Green Trivia Challenge events, and they’re coming up fast! Check out the listing below to find an event near you, and spread the word! To be clear: John Green will not be present at any of these events; these are John Green themed Tumblr meet-ups.


Barnes & Noble
Saturday, February 16th, 5pm
201 Summit Boulevard
Birmingham AL 35243


Barnes & Noble
Friday, February 15th, 7pm
210 Americana Way
Glendale CA 91210

Barnes & Noble
Wednesday, February 20th, 4:30pm
21500 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance CA 90503


Barnes & Noble
Monday, February 18th, 1pm
1450 Ala Moana Blvd.
Honolulu HI 96814


Barnes & Noble
Friday, February 15th, 7pm
297 Oakbrook Center
Oak Brook IL 60523


Barnes & Noble
Saturday, February 23rd, 3pm
4751 West 117th Street
Leawood KS 66211


Barnes & Noble
Thursday, February 21st, 7pm
98 Middlesex Turnpike
Burlington MA 01803


Barnes & Noble
Friday, February 15th, 8pm
180 Route 35
Eatontown NJ 07724


Barnes & Noble
Friday, February 15th, 7pm
2201 Preston Rd.
Plano TX 75093


So it that time again! After having a great turn out last time I decided to do another one! :D

The gathering will be on Saturday 10th August at 12:00
We will all be meeting up outside Sheffield train station like before.
The gathering will finish at 5pm but you can come and go whenever you like!
Make sure you bring some money for dinner and shops because we did go in HMV, an American candy shop and Starbucks!
I will be tweeting throughout the day our location so if you can’t make it at 12 that’s fine you can find us at a later time!
My twitter is @AwesomeTisChloe
If you have any questions please shoot them my way at my inbox here or over at my twitter I’m always free and will reply quickly! :)
I will be making a post closer to the date with more information but if you want it earlier just inbox me and ill tell you :)
Hope you can make it! It was so much fun!

Chloe :)

WHERE: Modjeska Park, Anaheim, CA

WHEN: Saturday, June 21, 2014



Homestuck is expected to end this year and it’d be nice to have at least one big summer blowout 

Cosplay is allowed, and it is a potluck!

Other activities will be held there such as cosplay and art contests, games, and raffles/giveaways of cosplay supplies and such!

There will also be vendors there selling cosplay supplies such as wigs and such so bring money if you are interested! Suggest amount would be around 20+! 


  • Be respectful to others, not just others there for the meetup but others there just to enjoy the park
  • Treat the park well. Don’t leave trash laying around or vandalize anything, the park isn’t there for just our use.
  • Respect others boundaries and do not touch anyone, their cosplays, or their possessions without their permission.
  • Treat others nicely, don’t be cold and rude to someone.
  • Please act mature, don’t be immature and obnoxious and run around screaming like a 5 year old.
  • Follow basic meetup etiquette please.

We will be meeting under the large, brown covered area (Lunch tables).

Shoot me an ask if you have an questions.

Thank you and hope to see you there!

Hopeful Gathering!!

So hopefuls that live near Sheffield! On April 6th I am doing a hopeful gathering for all hopefuls that can get! Here’s what will happen!

On April 6th:
12:00 - I will be outside Sheffield train station waiting for people to gather. (If anyone will be there earlier please contact me and I will arrange something with you)
12:30 - after waiting 30 minutes for people to gather we will set off to Peace Gardens (Still to be confirmed as we may go to Devonshire green) + (if you cannot make it before 12:30 please contact me and I will then arrange to wait for you or for you to find us)
1:00 - we will probably arrive at Peace Gardens and gather to talk and play some games. (If you want to bring a musical instrument! I will be bringing my ukulele!)
At some point we will go for food. There is a McDonalds nearby and we may also go to Starbucks so please bring some money for yourself. :)
At 5pm people can start going home. I will be setting off somewhere about 5:30 or earlier as my train home is at 5:44 :) You as a group can still stay around if you like.
Since its a hopeful gathering, if you have any merchandise of Carrie’s like shirt or whatever please do wear it so it may be easier to spot you!
My twitter is @AwesomeTisChloe so any questions please ask! Please do also tell me if you are attending as I can then know the number of people attending and please share around!
I am most 90% sure that this gathering will happen! The 10% is that some thing drastic will happen to me and I won’t be able to go but if that does happen I’m sure my friend will carry it on for me! Hopefully I can here from you :)

Thanks a lot!
Chloe x

5 Things to Look For in a Mentor

A mentor is an invaluable resource for the young entrepreneur. A mentor is someone who has taken the journey you want to take, someone who’s been there before. They are a valuable resource who you can turn to when you’ve hit a stumbling block. So, how do you get one?

There are plenty of places where entrepreneurs gather: conferences, MeetUp groups, online communities.

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