High at the meeting of the Allies

Ok, at first I thought it was kinda cute

and then there is France, who is trying to kick Iggy in the balls…

Urmmm…. what?

Alfred and Francis, what are you guys doing behind the others?

And here is Ivan’s headspin

And finally there is Alfred, who can stop this mess….though they’re all kinda frightened of him (and Ivan is like ‘IDGAF, cause I’m fancier than you’)

And ‘cheese~’

Now, the meeting is over and Canada died of laughter.

[Video]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frlKpsvl_fU 

Jamie McIntyre and Bobby Verdon-Roe - 1964 ISO Bizzarrini A3C at the Goodwood 73rd Members Meeting by Dave Adams Automotive Images on Flickr.

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