We just skyped for the last time. He’s in the shower and then afterwards he’ll leave for his flight. Twelve hours from now I will be jumping at him in an airport and probably crying/throwing up/sweating/passing out or screaming all over him.

It doesn’t feel quite real yet. I’m finally going to know what he truly sounds and feels like, what it’s like to kiss him, and what it will be like to actually make eye contact with each other for the first time.

Excuse me for looking silly. His flight attire, however, pleases me very much.

Fragmentary Epistle of Diotima to Hyperion from "Hyperion" by Friedrich Hölderlin

Yet it seems as if it was scarcely yesterday, that magical evening when the sacred stranger came to me for the first time, when, like a grieving genius, he shone into the shadows of the wood where the carefree maiden sat in the dream of youth–in the air of May he came, in the enchanting May air of Ionia, and it made him bloom all the more, it waved his hair, opened his lips like flowers, dissolved sorrow in smiles, and O you rays of heaven! how you shone on me from those eyes, from those intoxicating springs where in the shadow of screening brows eternal life shimmers and wells!–

Merciful Gods! how beautiful he became with his gaze upon me! how the whole youth, grown a span taller, stood there in easy strength, save that his dear, modest arms dropped down as if they were nothing! and how, then, he looked up in rapture, as if I had flown into the sky and were no longer there, ah! how, aware of me again, his eye shone bright as Phoebus through the darkening tears and, smiling, he blushed with inborn grace to ask me, “Is it you? is it you indeed?”

And why did he come to me with thoughts so devout, so full of dear superstition? why did he first stand with bowed head, why was the divine youth so full of shyness and grief? His genius was too blessed to remain alone, and the world too poor to comprehend him. Oh, it was a dear image, woven of greatness and sorrow! But now it is otherwise! the sorrowing is over! He has found work to do, he is sick no longer! –

I was full of sighs when I began to write to you, my beloved! Now I am pure joy. To talk with you has been to grow happy. And look! even so it shall remain. Farewell!


Hey Taylor! We’re from Chile, Southamerica. This pictures are from this last Saturday 10/18. We hope that you like it. We meet up each month since 2008. We have a lot of photos from each meeting that we hope give to you someday. We love you Taylor, and so sorry for our english, we speak spanish (: TE QUEREMOS TAYLOR y esperamos conocerte algún día en nuestro país. taylorswift

Not only did I get to meet @taylorswift tonight but I was invited to her house in Nashville to listen to her new album 1989 that hasn’t even been released yet. (You need to buy this amazing masterpiece, by far her best work yet. I am STILL blown away!!!) I just got to spend hours with this actual angel. I still cannot believe that Taylor hand picked me to be apart of this amazing experience! I am so proud to be a fan of this amazing song writer. Thank you so much for this and I love you more than ever. #secretsessions1989 #1989nashville #1989 #taylorswift (at oh just taylor swifts house)

Everyday Questions sentence pack
  • "Got a light?"
  • "Is it still raining?"
  • "What's the time?"
  • "Do you smell something?"
  • "Is something burning?"
  • "Are you done with that?"
  • "What's going on here?"
  • "Can you believe it?"
  • "Anybody in here?"
  • "Know what time the next one comes?"
  • "What I miss?"
  • "Could you help me with this?"
  • "Who's there?"
  • "What's going on in here?"
  • "How long has this been going on?"
  • "May I have one?"
  • "Are you using this?"
  • "Do you know how to get to ________?"

It’s funny when 5sos are meeting fans because they just walk in into the crowd and they stick out due to their height and it just looks like gods have walked in amongst human beings and are just randomly chillin’ with us

I never thought that I would get the chance to write about the time I got to meet Taylor Swift. Never in a million years. I’ve been in love with her for 8 years now and I’ve had a blog dedicated to her for about four or five years (and yes I regret all the times I’ve deleted to focus on school) but I never thought I would get the chance to hang out in her parents living room.

First off, I got a confidential message on my tumblr account from her account about wanting my info so I sent them my info. I was in class when I saw the message and let me tell you, I about fell out. I literally almost passed out on the floor. At first, I legit thought it was a joke because I didn’t get an email until a day and a half later. I thought it was some joke or that I dreamed it. When I finally got an email, they asked for my phone number and then they called me later that day. Again, all the information they gave me was VERY vague and sketchy. Obviously, they want to keep everything secret for security reasons. Anyways, I booked a flight and hotel for the lovely Nashville.

Not gonna lie, a part of me was TERRIFIED that it was still a joke or a dream. How could this possibly be happening for me? Especially since there are sooooooo many other tumblr blogs who deserve this more. Why me? How did I get picked? Her team was stressing how much Taylor hand picked all of us to be there and all. I was front in the line to get checked in and I met some really nice girls and boys, omg everyone was so nice. Okay so here comes heart attack #1, they couldn’t find my name on the list and they kindly asked me to step aside. I was so upset. I started to panic, I was like I have all the information and all the emails they sent me! I almost passed out. But then one of the beautiful Taylor nation girls was like, “oh, no I remember your name! Someone made a mistake and put your first name as your last name.” So they found my name THANK YOU JESUS!!!! So I was in group one and on the first bus. Okay there was a lot of waiting because there were 89 of us. 89!

So we finally make it to Taylor’s parent’s house and of course it’s beautiful. They take us to the back where there is a pool and so much food set up for us. Pizza, sushi, chips, water, soda, and just so much. I was so excited and nervous that I barely ate. Anyways, so we are all chilling and talking while her people took some photos of us. Again, all of her team was SOOO nice. Also, Tree is so beautiful and nice omg. Okay so then I see the beautiful breakburnandends and I run over to her and I didn’t think she would know who I was but she did and we were talking about how much we were freaking out! A lot of time passed of us all chilling and talking until they started letting people inside. I was one of the last people to go inside and holy shit, talk about emotions. I’m just going into Taylor’s house. !!!!

I was trying to find a spot to sit because the living room was packed with all of us sitting on the floor but I got a good spot up front. I got to sit right in front of her piano where she wrote the start to IKYWT!! I was ever so happy to be hitting my head on that piano let me tell you. (It was on purpose but that room was so packed and I kept being pushed into the piano BUT I DIDNT MIND) When Taylor walked in, I was in shock. How is it that this actual angel is in front of me, in the same room?!? She finally sat down and this is when I just cannot believe it’s happening. She talked about how happy and excited she way. She also asked that we promise to not talk about lyrics, song titles, or song details/descriptions, or even talk about who the songs are about. Mainly because Taylor wants everyone to hear about the songs from her and she doesn’t want anyone to be exposed to spoilers. She also doesn’t want fans talking about what songs are about who because that’s something she wants to keep to herself. One of the things she did which I found to be so amazing was that she would just look someone and say their name and something personal about them. HOW DOES SHE DO THAT. HOW DOES SHE HONESTLY REMEMBER? It was so amazing to see their faces light up and just cry because Taylor remembered their face and their name. It was amazing. She was telling us how we teach her so much about technology and someone told her to turn on her battery percent and she didn’t understand why but she said she would do it. OH we also had a moment of silence for Becky and Taylor kept saying how she was dead LOL.

What I will say about this masterpiece is that it is her best work yet. I know everyone is worked up about this being a pop album but…….GUYS YOU DONT EVEN KNOW. I am obsessed with Shake It Off and I think that all the songs on the album are even better!!!! Just because it is a pop album doesn’t mean that it’s all auto tuned and mainstream. NOT AT ALL!! Like her vocals ARE SOOOO STRONG. Her vocals are so on point. I know that a lot of pop songs the beat and music drown out the vocals but not at all with Taylor’s work. Vocally, the best album yet. This album has such a great flow and theme to it. Don’t even get me started on the lyrics. THE LYRICS. Beautiful, poetic, and brilliant. Do not ever doubt Taylor because this album feels so different but so much like her. She honestly hasn’t been happier and it shows through this album. I’ve had a lot of people ask me to compare songs to her older songs but I honestly cannot because these songs are SOO different but in the best way possible. Every song was my favorite and every single song SLAYED ME TO DEATH. We ended on Shake It Off and we had a dance party with Taylor Fucking Swift. Oh, we also had an intermission and she came around and passed out cookies that were AMAZING.

Then we went back outside and were told to find our groups. I was group 1 so we got to go back in the living room to get our pictures done. Now, I honestly didn’t even know what to say to her. So many people had heartbreaking stories to tell her and all. I also got to hug her mom because she walked by us! But when it was my turn and I walked down, Taylor looked at me and started dancing so I danced towards her LOL and I just thanked her for letting me be there and for joining tumblr because I wouldn’t of been there without her joining. She goes “omg tumblr is so awesome and so funny. No one is as funny on any of the other social media sites like tumblr! They are just totally cool with being themselves, I love it.” And then she told me she loved my hair and I think she touched it??? I don’t remember but I feel like she did LOL but then I was going on about how I forget that she is only two years older than me because she is so sophisticated and she goes “I’m not! I am many things but I am not sophisticated.” But I told her she was and she shouldn’t deny it. It was time for our picture and I told her I wanted a full on hug picture but I wanted my glasses off and she goes “okay, I feel you on that. I feel like I look sad with my glasses on. But you don’t look sad with yours on,” but I told her I wanted them off because of glare situations and that I look like I’m 12 with them and she goes “well you will enjoy that when you are older” and I, sure she said a bunch of other nice things to me but I couldn’t even process it. I thanked her for everything and she gave me the biggest hug and goes, “see you online!” Then I was given my photo and walked out where I got my goodie bag and went back onto the bus. The goodie bag is amazing. I’m sure everyone has seen pictures but it’s the tote with the album cover, all the 1989 theme shirts, and two calendars, and the 1989 Nashville keychain.

I will never forget this day for the rest of my life. The fact that she took the time and money to have us all come to her house and get this amazing experience??? Even though there were so many people there, she made it feel so personal. While playing the songs, she would make eye contact with everyone in the room. I am forever grateful and blessed for this experience. Honestly, I will never ask for anything else in life, I am completely done. I have never been more in love with her. I am so proud to be a fan of this amazing human being. Thank you so much taylorswift for being there for us and just being your flawless self. I cannot wait to have this album in my hands and be able to dance, cry, sing, scream to this masterpiece. Guys, never doubt Taylor because she knows what she is doing and she wants to make us proud. 1989 is the best era ever. Thank you for all your questions and I hope I’m not being rude or ungrateful! I’m not trying to be an asshole by being so vague but I signed a contract that I wouldn’t give details. I love you all so much and if you read all of this then you are my favorite person ever.