Hey every one it’s friday and that means EAM movie night!! Starting at 8pm EST.

You might notice that the movie poster here is not new this week, well that’s for two reasons. One it’s memorial day weekend and I decided to just relax, and two… because as hard as I tried I couldn’t come up with a poster to fully capture what we’ll be watching tonight. UPDATES TO RESUME NEXT WEEK now that I’ve had some time off.

Because to night, we’re watching the early works of my man, Petter Jackson!!! And if you thought the movies he produces now a days are good… it pails in comparison to how strange the first few movie he made were. No I’m serious… like… wow… I’ve never had to do this before but THE LAST MOVIE WE ARE GOING TO WATCH TONIGHT IS NOT FOR CHILDREN AND I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAPPENS. I’m showing at the end for a reason. That being said, here is the line up.

  • Dead Alive (do you kick ass for the lord?)
  • Bad Taste 
  • Meet the Feebles (I’m not joking this movie is weirder then hell)

so come join us at 8pm EST

Come Join the Fun!!!

Come Join the Fun!!!

Come Join the Fun!!!

((Stream rules: Be nice, Ask before linking, Bold and Italic font for mods only, No rp in the chat. you know all the basic rules so every one can enjoy the stream and still have fun))


Film Meme - five directors [4/5]: Peter Jackson

“The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself. The worst type is dictated by demographics or what is hip or what kids are into. Kong isn’t driven by that. No way would a studio think this is the year that people want to see a big gorilla movie. I’ve come to realize that, as much as anything, I am making this for the 9-year-old Peter.”