I hate how people are always like “uhg valentines is the worst if your single” because it’s like, you can love so many people other than a partner?

Like, love your mom? Cool. Write her a letter telling her how much she means to you and buy her a planter pot or a chainsaw or whatever she’s into

Love your friends? Fabulous. Bake them some cookies or give them the cheesiest Valentines you can find and plan a movie night with anyone who’s free

Love your pet? Super. Pet the heck out of them and give them extra nice treats

Love yourself? Excellent! Bake yourself a cake, have a bubble bath, and set aside some money for all that rad discount chocolate you’re going to be gorging on soon

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I reckon you could do really good realistic portraits of people, or still life stuff

Ooh, yeah, I’ve been looking into trying realism and stuff more, at the very least for practice and warm-ups

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Do you have a favorite OC? Tell me a bit about them please :3c

Ah man, probably Louis (Lew-eeee)

Originally he was from an old crackfic that I tried to write in like 8th grade but scrapped because it was absolutely terrible. I really liked some of the characters and the setting, though, so I reworked it a little and Louis was born.

In his original storyline Louis’ mother was a refugee who married a cop to protect herself from forced deportation but fled after Louis was born because she feared for his safety around his father and eventually settled down in a small town under a fake name. However, I got a little tired of his main storyline a while ago and usually just chuck Louis and friends into various AUs nowadays.

Louis is very quiet. He’s dyslexic, and because of that not much of a reader, but he does love to bake and paint. He’s extremely loyal to those he considers family and gets anxious when they’re not around. Louis’ got a bit of a problem with kleptomania and hoarding and loves to be surrounded by things. Also he’s a cat person.

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I really like Hurry Hurry by Air Traffic Controller, and I have been listening to a lot of Queen and Show tunes lately (Specific songs: Cant stop me Now, and Fat Bottom Girls from Queen, There's a Fine Fine Line, and Purpose from Avenue Q and, Popular and Defying gravity from Wicked) :D

You’ve got pretty a+ taste in music, friend ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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Xephos and Lalna!

Xephos: Do you prefer your space or having company?

As much as I appreciate people for existing, I’m pretty introverted and really prefer to be alone most of the time

Lalna: Science or art?

Same with people, I appriciate science for existing and doing it’s thing, but I’ve always been really terrible at it and definitely prefer art