After work, I decided to treat the meerkats to some raw meat. I had the meat in a see-through, plastic tub.. A little bit of meat got stuck on the side, and one of the meerkats tried to eat it off. All I could see was this meerkat face smooshed against the tub. Tongue, teeth, gums, everything. I may have just died from laughter. Pity I didn’t get a photo of it..

Still trying to tame the meers’… The most I can still do at the moment is hand-feed them. Aji (pictured) comes up closer than Grumpy; she’ll come within inches of my shoe, but no closer, yet. I’m starting to think the girls are simply taking advantage of the extra food I’m offering. I can foresee this going on for ages.. xD

One of my life goals is to visit every Zoo/Park in Australia that has meerkats. Here’s the list;

  • Adelaide Zoo (SA)
  • Monarto Zoo (SA)
  • Gorge Wildlife Park (SA)
  • Perth Zoo (WA)
  • Mogo Zoo (NSW)
  • Taronga Zoo (NSW)
  • Western Plains Zoo (NSW)
  • Symbio Wildlife Park (NSW)
  • National Zoo and Aquarium (ACT)
  • Werribee Open Range Zoo (VIC)
  • Melbourne Zoo (VIC)
  • Halls Gap Zoo (VIC)
  • Tasmania Zoo (TAS)

Grumpy the Meerkat

Ajia (left) and Grumpy (right) were the first two meerkats I started working with at the age of 17. Grumpy was the epitome of old; she would have been 12 years old at the least (meerkats live up to 14 years in captivity). She wasn’t the friendliest of ‘kats, but, being an insane meerkat-obsessed gal, I loved her regardless. Grumpy sadly died of old age in March, 2012. I still miss the old girl, but I know I’ll never forget her.

Grumpy’s friend, Ajia, is still alive today and is now in the company of three very young and very hyperactive females, who I simply adore working with.