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"Why do you wear so much black? With that hair color, you'd look good in more or less every color."

❝Are you… are you comin’ onto me, mini sis?❞ David blinked over at her, shaking this train of thought off: no, no romantic interests, that’s what she’d said before, yeah? ❝What’s wrong with black? I like it. Honestly, the idea of wearin’ khakis or some shit makes me wanna claw my eyes out.❞

Tiny Trespasser


Oh, no. It was a wolf. Lori could see its glittering yellow eyes. Gods, it was huge. She froze in place–if she ran, he’d surely see her and could catch her easily; if she stayed in place, he’d find her. What could she do? Her growl was soft and nervous as she frowned up at the creature. 

Nose twitches, and ears flick, turning down his face to the ground. Searching out the tiny sound and smell. Head tilts to the side as his nose pauses above a rather large fallen leaf. Inching ever the smallest bit closer. Gold eyes focused upon it as they might a bear that the half-breed prefers to hunt.

                 {ᾧђᾄҭ ἷṩ ἷҭ?}

A quiet whine escapes, velveteen nose worry the air. Tongue flicking out to taste the scent his nose collects. But it is nothing more than a snippet, and he whines again in frustration. Snorting at the leaf as though it has done him some great dis-service. 

                                  {ᾧђᾄҭ ἷṩ ἷҭ?}

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Send me ➵ and I will bold all that applies to your muse

I would hurt you or use you. | you unsettle me. | I dislike you or you annoy me. | I would like to get to know you better. | I pity you. | you confuse me. | I feel indifferent towards you. | I would be friends with you. | I would fight by your side. I mean, you’re really tiny, though, so I don’t think ‘by your side’ works here. | I would hug you or hold your hand. | I would kiss you. | I would sleep with you. | I would lie for you. | I would protect you. | I would fall in love with you. | I would kill for you | I respect you. | you are my family. | I don’t know you.

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Her lips pursed. "Just please be careful, okay? And don't underestimate wolves, either. I've seen them take down deer back--back home; it isn't a pretty sight." There was a small pause. "Also /I/ don't think there's anything wrong with their smell, but that's just me. Nothing wrong with your smell, either," she added quickly.

If anything, David just looked more offended than he had before; though after a beat or two, he scoffed. ❝Y'know, I’m really over the whole ‘everyone assumin’ the mutt would win’ stance. He’s still a baby compared to me, for fuck’s sakes.❞ He grumbled, shaking his head. ❝Maybe ya just need my nose, mini sis, 'cause they smell like wet dog.❞

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Lori stared, then sighed and took on her best Nagging Overprotective Big Sister voice. "David. For the love of basic common sense, be /nice/ to the big, aggressive wolves. I won't be able to really do anything for you if they attack."

❝I’ll be nice to the tiny flea carriers when they stop prancin’ into my part of town like they own the place. Nobody wants that smell tracked through the Boardwalk. So ‘ppreciate it, but I can look out for myself, alright?❞