Medusaceratops lokii by ~Olorotitan

The ornithomimids strutted and scampered, dipped their beaks in the water, made tiny arrow-like footprints in the mud. They were all thin extremities pulled from white, feathery bodies. The slender necks and legs and tails and wings waltzed and swung from the torso and hips—ballerinas made of pendulums.

The smell of rain was strong in the air. It had rained all night, drizzled in the morning, and new gray clouds rolled through the sky—but these were broken and looked to add little to the puddles. 

The wet weather brought cool breezes and Medusaceratops relished them. On the open flats, the wind played freely, so the dinosaur wagged his heavy head to let the air winnow around his horns and behind his frill. August could be beautiful.

Boy did this take a while… I started the Sketch at around 3 am and finished it at 5 am. The Digital touches started at 12 pm and finished at 4 pm, not too long ago. would have been done sooner had I not had some babysitting duties.
anyway, the story behind this pic is pretty much in the title; a Medusaceratops squaring off with it’s namesake, Medusa of Greek Mythology.

also, the Premiere of my new Watermark. yay.