All our hard work paid off!

Yesterday, I was working on the Theoretical Framework and Conceptual Paradigm for our thesis paper. Our topic is about Panax ginseng Extract as a weight-reducing agent for Obese patients aged 18 to 25. 

I used the Ginsenoside Theory, stating that ginsenoside is the active component of ginseng and exhibiting anti-obesity effect. I used the Scope and Delimitation composed by my groupmates, Camille and Marga (thank you girls!)

We submitted the papers to our professor, and thank God he approved our Theoretical Framework, everything. He just instructed us to add more about our subject (who must be included and excluded from the research) and about the methods or procedure to be used in our study.

Thanks also to the hard work of my groupmates! “Very good guys!”

“Thank you Lord! Please continue to help us and the other groups in our Research class. :)”

Lorenzo's Oil

I watched Lorenzo’s Oil, a film about parents in search for a cure for their son Lorenzo’s adenoleukodystrophy (ALD).

And we are assigned to make a reaction paper about this film and I’m in need of your ideas or reactions about the film. If you can tell me more about ALD, much better! Any of your ideas will be well-appreciated!

So, what’s your idea about the film?

Making a 10-page Review of Related Literature for our thesis paper!

I’m totally tired! I can’t even face the monitor while typing…and I only had 1-hr sleep. :( Why is it so hard to be a MedTech student?

Whenever I need a Hair pin while reading, I look for paper clips!

Maybe because I am a Medical Technology student. Hahaha!!

Please, I wanna know I’m not the only person doing this!

So, is there anyone there in medical school who also use paper clips as hair pins?

Let's count White Blood Cells!

(Ms.MedTechEma, counting White Blood Cells!)

It was complicated to count WBCs but I had fun! Discipline and patience are just all you need. “JUST FOCUS!" 

Thank you Father God! I could see how great Creator You are in our every lab activity! 

Also, thanks to Mam Cathy for her assistance! "Thanks for the patience, Mam!”..and also to our Hematology professor, Sir Ding! “Thank you Sir!”

So, start counting WBCs guys! It’s fun!

But many people with medical profession told me that its not fun at all, too complicated, or whatsoever.. 

How about you? Do you also have fun on counting WBCs or RBCs?

What's my mission?

I still remember the time I participated on what they call “the Battle of the Band” in our school. Me with a band from other church tried out. I was their lead singer with my friends, Sarah and Hannah. We practiced and practiced, and I still remember the great happiness in my heart while singing with friends that I already know are serving God already with their talents..their gifts. Then, unexpectedly, everyone in the band loved my voice, that even I, that time, didn’t know yet what gift God has given me. “Is this voice the gift I received from God?” I asked to myself.

I never expected that the said competition will be the most special day of my life. As I stepped on stage with Sarah and Hannah, I couldn’t see everyone’s face clearly. The only thing I remember is the huge light facing me. I just asked myself “Is this feeling natural for a first timer?”. I don’t know. I just sang..with confidence!

With confidence because I couldn’t see everyone clearly as I said. Then I thought, God was only my audience that night. Maybe He was very glad that time that I was singing praises and I closed my eyes and at that very moment I realized I’m singing for Him. He’s my only audience. He’s there watching proud of me. As the song ended, everyone was beginning to be visible in my sight. The huge light was still there. Again, I felt the happiness. 

I was not expecting to win the competition. I got the prize. That’s the joy that was still in my heart as I hugged my mom and some of my classmates. But I got the Best Female lead singer award. Everything that happened that night was so unexpected. 

After that, people from a church welcomed me and made me a member of the Performing Arts Department. I had the chance to sing at the church once. Only once and that’s the saddest part of this story.

I hate that many things in the world pushed me down from my happy, perfect life with Him… I hate it that I chose to live my life believing that I’m doing the right thing until I realized I’m getting far away from Him… I studied and studied thinking that this is what I should do to reach my dream… All this time I just studied and I totally forgot that there was a moment in my life that I’ve been so happy and complete…

But He never leaved me.. When I was so busy studying and at the time I was in need of hope. I can’t believe He is doing this..Is He still waiting for me? I was the first one who leaved Him. I caused Him pain. I can still feel Him, next to me. “Oh God, I don’t deserve your love. But please, stay! I’m in pain. I missed you..”

A while ago, I heard from a radio station a news about David Archuleta’s announcement that he will put his singing career on hold for two years to fulfill his mission, to serve God. Sacrificing his dream just to serve God.. I envy him. 

What is my mission? I don’t know. I know I won’t be able to know my mission if I am away from my creator, God. 

“God, I missed you. I’m sorry…”

No one knows His plans for our lives. But I know that how He plan for our lives is better how we plan it ourselves. I hope and I pray that someday God and I will find our way to be together and happy again. And by the time He could fully entrust me with a mission, I pray that I’m ready spiritually for that.

“God, thank you for David Archuleta. Because of him, I’m eager to know You more and be your sheep as You are my shepherd. Bless him..He’s an inspiration to anyone.”

Sleepless Nights ...

Yes! I had sleepless nights, like I was killing myself! But I’m still fine :)

I was busy making Review of Related Literature (RRL) for our Research. I spent a night just making a 50-page RRL. The next day, I had a headache and vomited which is like my normal body response to headache!

Another sleepless night, I was reading chapters of an Immunology book. Last night, I only had 1-hour sleep after reading a very long chapter from a book of Urinalysis, reviewing for Shifting Exam.

But I’m still alive! I survived! :)

And this is my last blog for this week, “a short blog of a sleepy medtech student here!" 

Goodnight! :) 


David Archuleta - Wait (Music Video)