“The proliferation and expansion of mental disorders creates myriad possibilities for failure. As varying moods, inadequate attention and excessive shyness are pathologised, more and more people are encouraged to believe they need to get themselves ‘fixed.’ Just as cosmetic surgery promotes the impossible ideal of eternal youth, so mental health promotion increasingly suggests there is a perfect state of mental health to which we all need to aspire, and which we need to work on ourselves to achieve. People are encouraged to exist in a perpetual state of frustration and disappointment with themselves, looking ever inward so they do not think to challenge the nature of the society they inhabit.

Ideas about the nature of mental health and mental abnormality are intrinsically linked to the social and economic conditions in which they emerge. Neoliberalism and its ‘no such thing as society’ champions have helped to produce a biological monster that subsumes all areas of human activity within a neuroscience paradigm and, by doing so, banishes the philosophical tradition that acknowledges human experience as irreducibly social. We can only begin to challenge this impoverished view of humanity when we understand its political functions and the ends it serves.”

med talk

ok so it’s not the prozac or the abilify causing the side effects of pain by suddenly stopping

and i wasnt taking the buspar every morning like i was supposed to so stopping it suddenly wouldnt be that big of a deal and even then there’s no corresponding side effects of that either 

so far so good

I’m now at a small community hospital in a relatively well-off part of town. This is not where my heart is. My heart is at the grungy county hospital, and at the VA…those are the people who I’m doing this for. But I’ll be damned if a few weeks of this isn’t a nice way to finish out MS3. The buildings, the campus…it’s all so PRETTY. The cafeteria sells VEGETABLES. They give us FREE COFFEE. I went to a lunch conference today where they fed us with CERAMIC PLATES AND ACTUAL METAL UTENSILS. Whaaat?

That said, today my little white coat was sprayed with blood from the AV fistula of a heroin addict who had been injecting into the site intended for her dialysis. I don’t know how she landed at this hospital among the adorable little old ladies with pneumonia, but I was happy to see her. Less happy to see her hepatitis-C-infected blood flying towards me, but that’s ok. It entertained the nurses. 

Also, my attending is really nice and seems to think that I’m good at this. :D


Been a bit quiet on this blog recently but trying to get this studyblr running on a regular basis!

I’m looking to follow loads of studyblrs and as many medblrs as I can! Even if you’re simply considering medicine, I would love to give you a follow!

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but uh….. bad news: there’s no pain side effects for the pill im on so there’s no explanation for my sudden raise in pain like the other one had 

“I feel the pressure, under more scrutiny, and what I do? Act more stupidly.” Blah blah blah, some overly personal stuff about my ongoing issues with depression and medication and how gross I’ve been feeling lately and how frustrating it can be for me and for everyone in my life. But, look, I combined it with a Kanye song, so it’s kind of lighthearted and kind of tongue in cheek… Whatever #embroidery #etsy #art #kanyeart #kanyewest #graduation #canttellmenothing #yeezus #yeezytaughtme #fuckedbrainchemicals #pills #meds