Guys, with the holidays coming up order any meds that you need, remember that the pharmacies close for christmas and when they reopen they will be super busy with everyone panic ordering, so please don't risk not having enough meds, take care of yourself during the holidays

can we please take a second to show some mad appreciation to the med school/law school students on tumblr who always speak out against anti-sjs who use fake medical information and misinterpret supreme court cases to fuck with minors who don’t know better

big thank you to the people who use their education and qualifications to protect trans/black/autistic people on tumblr from people who want to spread false information and invalidate who they are

Disappearing for a bit

Starting tomorrow morning, I’m going to disappear for a bit, not sure of how long exactly.  I’ll be having a somewhat major surgery so even after my stay in the hospital, I will be on strong painkillers, which means I’ll be in & out of it. Granted, my posts might be pretty funny while on the meds, but I don’t think it’s a good idea ;)

Just so you all know, and I should have started with this, I am okay.  All the tests run on me have come back benign, but the surgery still needs to be done. 

Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know so that you don’t think I disappeared. My hubby will be in contact with my sister wives & bb during and after my surgery so I might ask one of them to pass on messages after if you want. 

If I’m not on here before, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. 

PS: Since I know some people will ask, if you want to know what exactly I’m having done, click the read more.  

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me: *sees ouat gifset* nice
me: *realizes hook is part of this gifset* less nice. eew never mind

stripeysocksandoxfords replied to your post: Does anyone have a rec for a documenta…

Dogs Decoded :)

That looks so cute and interesting! It’s not available streaming, though, so I’ll have to save it for later or watch it on a different site. Thank you!

bucky-fucky-barnes replied to your post: Does anyone have a rec for a documenta…

Cosmos! documentary about space, and science, and wonderful neil degrasse tyson leading

SOOOO GOOOD! I have watched it all, and someday I will most definitely watch it again!

enslayed replied to your post: Does anyone have a rec for a documenta…

I think there’s a 3 hour Nightmare On Elm Street documentary on Netflix (not joking I like scary movies).

Do you remember what it’s called? I didn’t find it when I did a brief search. 3 hours is a bit of an investment, but if it’s good, I’m open to anything.

watercoloredroses replied to your post: Does anyone have a rec for a documenta…

I don’t have a suggestion but I saw someone post abt a NOES 3 hour documentary?!?! I am soooooo all over that!

You hear that, Enslayed? We want the name of that epic horror documentary! :)

whothfuckyisbucky replied to your post: Does anyone have a rec for a documenta…

There is a documentary on netflix about a company that makes prosthetic limbs for animals, it is v cute but I can’t remember what it’s called sorry

Oooooh, that sounds so cute and amazing and happy-making! I MUST FIND IT!!!! Thank you! :D


Newly signed to Med School / Hospital Records is a Ukrainian six piece named The Erised. Their new single Pray is an exquisite, breathtaking beauty. Wispy vocals and enticingly complex yet stripped down instrumentation glide their way towards a surprisingly minimalist electronic second half. The Erised will be releasing their debut EP, Desire, on February 2nd. Watch a stunning video of The Erised performing the track live, below.


An ADCOM member chimes in on what gets an applicant an acceptance among a pool of applicants with great numbers.

The “it” factor that makes you stand out.

1. He quotes an essay about college admissions that he believes is also true for medical admissions.

2. He explains that an “it” factor makes an applicant stand out.

3. He confirms that he is indeed talking about an “it” factor.

//I might be on a mini haitus until Christmas. What does that mean? That I have been dealing with a tanking mood and nobody needs to witness that tbh. I am also behind on christmas things and need to do that. But I’d love to send you lovlies Christmas Cards, so if that’s something you want to do then yiss. Also it doesn’t mean I won’t be on, just maybe not until late at night, when I can draft and netflix quietly.