medium: watercolor


Philip Govedare is a 59 year old artist and university professor from the United States. His dreamy and ethereal style of painting is inspired by the natural scenery that he’s been captivated by:

“I’ve always spent time in nature growing up in rural eastern Oregon. The vast open spaces of the American West and the high desert landscape that is both forbidding and beautiful inspired me to examine our place, as humans, in the natural world.

The beauty of painting is that it has all of history to refer to and be informed by…it [mimics] the past in every possible way… My work evolved out of abstraction and as I worked further, it became clear to me that I was really painting landscape. At one point, I decided to embrace the subject with all its history, complexities and layered meanings.”

You can delve into more of Philip’s work by reading Landscapes, his recent publication.

Some of Philip’s favourite artists are Albert Ryder, Mark Rothko, JMW Turner, and Francisco Goya.


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My first full color painting from when I was in Art School. I was taught by Irving Shapiro. When you nailed it he would ask you to “Put a matte on this” and it would be placed in the display case. I have two paintings that I was asked to “Put a matte on” and this is one of them. It’s still one of my favorite paintings and one of the best I have ever done! Image size is about 12 inches by 20. On Arches 140 lb cold pressed paper that I soaked and stretched. If you’re into that kind of info… Sorry for the angle photo, it was the only way I can take a pic without a big glare!!#AmericanAcademyofArt #watercolor #JillThompsonArt