Diabetes’ Sugars Linked to Alzheimer’s Brain Plaques 

Diabetes and Alzheimer’s could have a cause-and-effect connection, according to a study published this week.

According to a team from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, elevated glucose in the blood caused increased levels of amyloid beta, a fundamental ingredient of brain plaques in Alzheimer’s brains, in mice.

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Hey i wanted to stop by and say from one vegan to another: medical reasons are an extremely valid reason not to be vegan, whether it be vitamin deficiency or eating disorder. You telling people they're conditions aren't valid reason is very rude.

Medical conditions are not an ‘extremely valid reason not to be vegan’. Just because you have a medical condition doesn’t give you free reign to go about doing whatever you want. If you have a medical condition that prohibits you from eating 100% vegan all the time that doesn’t matter. Veganism is about removing animal products from your life as much as is practical and possible for each individual and rejecting the commodity status of non-human animals. As I’ve said about 50 times on my blog, if you have say, severe anaemia which means you HAVE to eat a small amount of red meat (which I doubt actually exists because my best friend has anaemia and is a vegan and it actually improved after she went vegan but whatever this is hypothetical), then fine. If you actually car about animals remove ALL animal products from EVERY other aspect of your life. Find out exactly what animal products you need to be healthy and get rid of everything else. Reject the commodity status of animals and remove animal products from your life as far as is possible for you and you are a vegan even if you’re forced to eat small amounts of animal products sometimes. Having a medical condition does not prohibit veganism, its just a fucking excuse like everything else. People say ‘I’m anaemic so I can’t be vegan’ and then go and buy a leather jacket. Just because you cant do everything doesn’t mean you shouldn’t even bother.  

Also, stop fucking using some minuscule percentage of people who have some fantastical disease that prohibits veganism as an excuse for people to not go vegan. It doesn’t make sense.  Most people do not have a disease that means they have to eat animals, they’re just selfish.

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Different Lab-based Approaches Drive HIV Research

Researchers are employing a variety of R&D strategies in the fight to eradicate HIV/AIDS. 

HIV and AIDS affected approximately 35 million individuals throughout the world in 2013 (1.2 million in the U.S.), and that number has continued to rise since the World Health Organization published these statistics.

By attacking CD4 T lymphocytes (T-cells) in the body, HIV leaves the immune systems of those infected drastically impaired. Although the condition can be treated pharmacologically with relative success, no cure exists.

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As someone who isn’t former military or high speed law enforcement, I love talking with folks who’ve been there and have real world experience. And… I love getting hands on with the weapons, vehicles, and equipment of the trade. Today I got to check out a medivac Blackhawk and ask the crew some questions about how they do what they do. I think knowing all facets of the defense industry will make me a more effective equipment developer. And that’s one reason I take these classes. #Blackhawk #medivac #medical #tccc #medic #metrotactical #trainhard #trainharder

This GOP Congressman's Insane Marijuana Speech Just Set Back Drug Reform (VIDEO)

This GOP Congressman’s Insane Marijuana Speech Just Set Back Drug Reform (VIDEO)

Last week medical marijuana advocates were dealt a blow by the GOP. An amendment to an appropriations bill that would have made it easier for veterans to receive prescription marijuana was defeated. With a final of vote of 210 in favor of the amendment, and 213 against, Republicans managed to continue their legacy of fighting for regressive positions on drug reform. They also proved that they…

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Green Tea Extract, Exercise Slow Alzheimer’s in Mice

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Alzheimer’s disease (AD) may affect as many as 5.5 million Americans. Scientists currently are seeking treatments and therapies found in common foods that will help stave off the disease or prevent it completely. Now, University of Missouri researchers have determined that a compound found in green tea, and voluntary exercise, slow the progression of the disease in mice and may reverse its effects. Further study of the commonly found extract could lead to advancements in the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease in humans.

“In Alzheimer’s patients, amyloid-beta peptide (A-beta) can accumulate and clump together causing amyloid plaques in the brain,” said Todd Schachtman, professor of psychological sciences in the College of Arts and Science at MU. “Symptoms can include increased memory loss and confusion, agitation and a lack of concern for your environment and surroundings. We looked at ways of preventing or postponing the onset of the disease which we hope can eventually lead to an improvement of health status and quality of life for the elderly.”

Read more: http://www.laboratoryequipment.com/news/2015/05/green-tea-extract-exercise-slow-alzheimers-mice

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If the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a bit like a hermetically sealed tin can no one has yet been able to break open, the good news is that researchers at the CHUM Research Centre, affiliated with the University of Montreal, have identified a way to use a “can opener” to force the virus to open up and to expose its vulnerable parts, allowing the immune system cells to then kill the infected cells.

This breakthrough, published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, opens a new path in the fight against HIV and could ultimately lead to the design of a vaccine to prevent transmission of the virus. This innovative approach could also be part of the solution for one day eradicating the virus. Despite recent advances, 35 million people are infected with HIV-1 worldwide.

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HIV is not the end. Never.

Life has it’s ways of throwing you a curve ball. This is something I got to know last year, and while I would’ve normally hit that ball back with a firm swing over the fence, I guess you could say things went quite different this time around…

It was August 2014 that I got to know my boyfriend. We met via Tumblr almost a year before, and during his trip through Europe in the summer of that year, we actually met in person for the first time. I knew from the very first second he stepped of that train that this would be the man I’d grow old with – no doubt about it. We immediately hit it off and over the course of his travels, he returned multiple times to spend time with me, my friends, and my family.

All good things come to an end, and so did his holidays. When he got back home in Germany in time for university to start, he popped in at the STD clinic first chance he got. I had already gotten back into the grind at my job, working with social media for a huge A brand, and rocking a promotion to a managerial position I had just gotten. Life was going great and I couldn’t be happier. 

Cut to to the 22nd of September. WhatsApp. On the train from Utrecht to Amsterdam.

“Jeff. I fucked up. I fucked up so hard.”

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