ADHD Brain Study Finds Slower Development of Key Connections

A peek inside the brains of more than 750 children and teens reveals a key difference in brain architecture between those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and those without. Kids and teens with ADHD, a new study finds, lag behind others of the same age in how quickly their brains form connections within — and between — key brain networks.

The result: less-mature connections between a brain network that controls internally-directed thought — such as daydreaming — and networks that allow a person to focus on externally-directed tasks. That lag in connection development may help explain why people with ADHD get easily distracted or struggle to stay focused.

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Sugars Can Promote, Inhibit Cancer Depending Upon Stage

During cancer development, tumor cells decorate their surfaces with sugar compounds called glycans that are different from those found on normal, healthy cells. In PNAS, researchers at the UC San Diego School of Medicine report that sialic acids at the tips of these cancer cell glycans are capable of engaging with immune system cells and changing the latter’s response to the tumor – for good and bad.

“These cell surface glycans can promote or inhibit cancer progression, depending upon the stage of the disease,” said principal investigator Ajit Varki, Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Cellular and Molecular Medicine. “Our findings underscore the complexity of cancer and the consequent challenges in conquering it. The immune system may be a double-edged sword in cancer, tumor-promoting or tumor-inhibiting, depending upon circumstances.”

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Graves’ disease (or Flajani-Basedow-Graves disease) is an autoimmune disease. It most commonly affects the thyroid, frequently causing it to enlarge to twice its size or more (goiter), become overactive, with related hyperthyroid symptoms such as increased heartbeat, muscle weakness, disturbed sleep, and irritability. It can also affect the eyes, causing bulging eyes (exophthalmos). It affects other systems of the body, including the skin, heart, circulation and nervous system.



The history of the natural history of Brazil ; By Piso, Willem, 1611-1678 on Flickr.

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Is the U.S. Doing Enough to Fight Ebola?

The American strategy on Ebola is two-pronged: step up desperately needed aid to West Africa and, in an unusual step, train U.S. doctors and nurses for volunteer duty in the outbreak zone. At home, the goal is to speed up medical research and put hospitals on alert should an infected traveler arrive.

Amid criticism that the world still is not acting fast enough against the surging Ebola epidemic, President Barack Obama travels today to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to discuss the outbreak with health officials who’ve been there.

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I'm absolutely livid.....

You guys have done so many great things, like raise awareness about things that no one else would listen to, but you guys couldn’t get my brothers unjust denial from Make-A-Wish over 100 notes? He’s a sick, and possibly dying child who got denied from Make-A-Wish because they said he wasn’t. His brain surgeon, endocrinologist, GI, infectious disease doctor, and many others said his condition is progressive and life threatening and they still denied him. I just asked you to reblog it so that it could get awareness and hopefully something could be done about it. But no one did, and that is what’s making me angry. I just want something to go right for my little brother, who I must add, I had to inject with growth hormone today, (because he needs growth hormone replacement therapy) while he was crying. 

I’ve seen him break down so many times, that he just wanted to be normal and not be sick. And we wanted a chance to make him feel normal, to do something that might make up a little for the fact that he literally cannot move some days because he’s in so much pain. 

If you guys would like to reblog the post, here is the link (x)