Rebocon Download Links *updated*

Rebocon 1 + Behind the Scenes (314mb) (.zip .rar)

Rebocon 2 + EXTRA (149mb) (.rar)

Rebocon 3+ EXTRA (549mb) (.zip .rar)

Rebocon 4 RED (1.21gb) (.zip .rar)

Rebocon 4 RED SPECIAL (124mb) (.avi)

Rebocon 4 BLUE (1.08gb) (.zip .rar)

Rebocon 4 BLUE SPECIAL (748mb) Part 1 | Parts 2-4

Rebocon 5 (1.68gb) (.avi)

Rebocon 5 SPECIAL(1.95gb) (.avi)

Rebocon in Taiwan (363mb) (.mp4)

Rebocon in Taiwan Special (394mb)(not uploaded yet)


Namida no Ondo (43mb) (.rmvb)

No Control (37.3mb) (.avi)

Oretachi no Yakusoku (100mb) (.mp4)

Chinkonka no Ame (7.5mb) (.flv)


Kamigami no asobi anthology (Manga) from Dengeki comic sylph

The one who scanned is kit2000andanna

I have put the file in Mediafire ( Chapter 1 to 6)

The manga is still in Kanji, so if anyone wants to translated .Please ask me in gmail:

Guys , I’m really trying to find someone who could translate this manga. 

I hope you enjoy it and I will upload the rest of it. 

On Mediafire removing files and what to do

Submitted a ticket for Mediafire, 20 of my files had been removed for false violation of their terms of use. Going around a lot, I know. I did the same thing as Almighty Hat, let them know the files were Sims Custom Content made by me, and as per EA’s EULA, completely legal for me to share and then listed all the filenames I wanted returned. My suspicion is they have some wonky automated blaster shooting things at random. Pew pew.

Le Mediafire Douchebaggery: Update

Mediafire decided to block all my files for rule “Violation”, this means that ALL files of mine (yes EVERY SINGLE ONE) is not available anymore. This means that all downloads of mine on Ace Creators and Facebook are also blocked.

I’ve contacted them and currently waiting for reply. If they won’t fix this shit, I will gently say “Fuck you” and move everything to another file hosting site.
Be patient, everything WILL be back, I won’t leave this undone.


Okay, so I’m done writing actual reviews; it does nothing but slow me down on here. From now on, it’ll be all mediafire download links with a numeric rating next to each album. Hopefully, this will speed up how much music I can pump through this site.


Halo in a Haystack (128 kbps): 7.4/10 -

Petitioning the Empty Sky (246 kbps): 8.1/10 -

When Forever Comes Crashing (223kbps): 8.0/10 -

Jane Doe (320 kbps): 9.9/10 -

You Fail Me (320 kbps): 8.3/10 -

No Heroes (320 kbps): 8.3/10 -

Axe to Fall (320 kbps): 9.2/10 -

All We Love We Leave Behind (320 kbps): 9.4/10 -


Meet Rio Spence, my 200+ follower gift! She’s just your average girl from a small town with big city dreams. She is packaged with base-game clothes because I literally cannot remember where I got 90% of her CC from and I don’t want to only be able to link just some of it. 

You can download Rio Spence Here (mediafire)

If you like her please reblog her! Thank you all so much for following me and being so nice. I’m sorry I can only offer a sim - maybe one day I’ll figure out how to make CC! 


Alright, so I was downloading Featherbent. And I was verifying it…. this is the caption I got…. and then I noticed the silhouette of a man with what looked to be a sword…. I immediately though BRO. And I immediately went into a fit of feels… SADSTUCK HAS INFILTRATED MEDIAFIRE!!!