articles i wanted, but didn't get a chance, to read this week: part 39

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as for the “Girls” nepotism controversy -if you grew up in Tribeca and your parents were artists and your best friend was a famous playwright’s daughter, you’d still include her in your tv project too, right? we all include our friends in our projects. sometimes they just happen to be famous.


  1. Morning Joe’s lady anchor is amazing, NYTimes Magazine
  2. they might be killing off the Dowager Countess?!?! can we Twitter protest this? do they have Twitter in England? The Clicker, Today Show
  3. CapitalNY talked to Lena Dunham in a way that wasn’t terrible
  4. here’s a fun one: let’s play “Girls” review OR Edith Wharton line? The Awl
  5. Beyonce has a girl crush on MObama and wrote a note about it
  6. apparently the secret service has been gettin’ busy in Colombia. in their defense, i don’t expect anyone to go to Cartajena and not visit a prostitute, WSJ
  7. this week’s NYMag cover story is about the artisan food movement in Brooklyn. can’t read this now though - heading out to Smorgasburg to overpay on cotton candy
  8. a nice gentleman i work with wrote a short story, thick jam
  9. if you saw Mad Men last week, here’s Grantland’s spec of Ken’s story
  10. there’s a mysterious painting in the Pentagon. and apparently, it’s all a big joke, WSJ
  11. shocker, you guys: Ted Nugent is being himself, National Journal
  12. the healthiest man alive shares his methods. i’m eating a candybar reading this, Men’s Fitness
  13. Only three days into its run, there’s already backlash against HBO’s “Girls.” The New York Times’ Jenna Wortham also wrote about the show’s overwhelming whiteness for The Hairpin.
  14. speaking of backlash - are corgis really that great? Atlantic Wire
  15. Tumblr’s getting ads, y'all, Buzzfeed
  16. Mitt Romney said something elitist. i’m only interested because there’s a dessert tie-in, NYMag
  17. a “Mad Men” recap i can definitely get behind (even though i love them all) - it breaks down the episodes by costume !!!, Tom and Lorenzo
  18. it’s sandal season! Clean Person teaches you how to make yours smell fresh, not funky, The Hairpin
  19. and if you just want to buy new ones, Marais is having a sale this weekend. use coupon code SPRING25
  20. not everyone wants to be famous. “Matilda” great up to be quite normal, Bust
  21. on cooking for yourself or why i no longer buy salad dressing, WSJ


  1. a little boy built an arcade out of cardboard. and then someone made a 10 min doc about it: “Caine’s Arcade”
  2. a beauty blogger talks shop(ping), Refinery 29
  3. BBC anchor Charlie Brooker on reporting the news, Ned Hepburn
  4. a lady i knew in college is now on The Voice. here she is singing “Proud Mary” - it’s pretty freakin awesome. i had so many chills watching it


  1. you can’t really buy these vintage beauties, but they are available for rent at a stylist’s shop in LIC. mostly i just want to take a trip and experience them for myself, BORO mag
  2. OMFG! a ticket to the TKTK Gala where MERYL and Kevin Kline are doing a reading of “Romeo and Juliet.” AND i want it STAT! CAPS LOCK 4EVER
  3. all of the memoirs in Flavorpill’s list of hilarious ones. you can start at the end
  4. this is more of a make, not buy, but if you know how to do any of these hairstyles, holla at me. i will make you baked goods if you teach me how to do m hair like a lady. k?

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articles i wanted, but didn't get a chance, to read this week: part 37

this week has been full of new adventure, one of which includes this awesome drawing tool i found (give yourself at least an hour to enjoy it fully). this weekend will bring on more adventures, including my first Seder. i’ll report back. until then, enjoy these reads that i’ve lovingly put together all week long. seriously, you get five days worth of attention this time. there’s even a bonus photo:


  1. expect to pay a little more for your downward dog - yoga studios in NYC might not be exempt from taxes anymore, WSJ
  2. should have seen this from a mile away (or 2.5) but the creator of tv’s most popular sitcom is pretty horribly misogynistic. more reasons to stop watching that heinous show, Jezebel
  3. the spelling test is going the way of the encyclopaedia too, Daily Tarheel (and we all remember what happened to the encyclopaedia, right?)
  4. people who work with people are the happiest people in the workforce, MediaBistro
  5. the most beautiful lady in all the Queen’s land speaks out on her plight, Daily Mail
  6. proving “those damn feminazis” really are against everything, Jezebel is now complaining about curing breast cancer
  7. Ryan Gosling saved another woman on the streets of new york this week. i’m jumping out the window after this to try my luck, Observer
  8. lovely lovely Ron Swanson Nick Offerman profiled in the LA Times
  9. speaking of lovely men, do you think you’ll ever get tired of RyGoz? Jezebel ponders
  10. paying for news placement in the orient, NYTimes. are we still allowed to call it “the orient”? were we ever? 
  11. director of many great movies goes back to school, poses with chair for Black Book…
  12. …but not before making one more movie about the travails of post-grads, CapitalNY
  13. a lady went to a concert alone, and lived to tell the tale, Date by Numbers
  14. just how did Ed2010 founder get her start? HerCampus
  15. today’s food businesses start big and grow bigger, Grub Street
  16. this lady chef left her job without saying goodbye. she said about 5,000 other words though, eggbeater
  17. a detailed account of what it’s like to meet President Obama, Business Insider
  18. Kelly Osborne has words to share on body image, Glamour
  19. Jen Doll puts together a list of some kick-ass young ladies, The Atlantic Wire
  20. the town that has seen one of the worst natural disasters ever in the history of our country is irritated at the term “hipster” - it’s getting bad, folks
  21. spring is here, Hairpin writers are in bloom


  1. this little boy did a really amazing skateboard thing for the first time ever in the whole world, LA Times
  2. this Japandroids song that Cubicle Radio partner Sammie Rubes sent me (are you following Cubicle Radio yet?), Pitchfork
  3. since New York, London and Paris are old news (like Mia Farrow), Woody Allen’s latest film is taking over Rome, Washington Post
  4. another trailer: there’s a movie coming out with Mark Wahlberg and a talking Ted-dy bear
  5. Maya Rudolph on her time as a waitress at Coffeeshop, Grub Street
  6. i love Mad Men and all but do writers really smell like pee? Stuff Journalists Like


  1. new shoes for spring please. ideas to get you started, Refinery 29
  2. The Glamourai keeps wearing this Alexa Leigh necklace. i’d rather like one too
  3. everything Joan has ever worn, as chronicled in this Vanity Fair slideshow
  4. still want this foldable bike, guys. still waiting on it. still
  5. ANYTHING ANYTHING FROM THIS ALL-SEQUIN WEBSITE - especially if it’s been featured on “Drag Race”
  6. a baby tiger duh. just to play with for an hour or so. i think it’d be a good cuddler, Ryanhatesthis
  7. after seeing his picture on Humans on New York (above), i really want a juice from Melvin’s Juice Box now, Village Voice
  8. an oxford shirt, please. especially the one here, Refinery 29
  9. and everything i need in this office essentials box. most especially the box, R29
  10. this necklace please. because it’s big and obnoxious and in my favorite color, Styleist
  11. finally, dinner at Mono+Mono. because who doesn’t love fried chicken?

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