anonymous said:

youre hating on poor meckpom again. we do have pretty stuff up here, like have you seen the warnowdurchbruchstal, or some towns which are pretty old and full of history. like my town has three huge as fuck chruches and they are pretty cool. and at least we have hills here and its not endless plains. also there are some really lively villages here. youve got a point with the nazis though

also the one nice thing you were willing to say, the beaches, arent that great. in fact, theyre full of seaweed, you have to walk like 500meters in the water till you can actually swim and its full of jellyfish

I’ll learn how to be more effective with my hate in the future. Usedom isn’t that bad, though

Although I’ve actually been wanting to see the warnow-durchbruchstal for a while. Next summer, hopefully.