Creating a World of Mechanical Fantasy and Steampunk Art

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For Los Angeles-based artist Ave Rose (@averose13), steampunk art is as much about self-expression as it is about inner-healing. ”As a child, I would escape to imaginary worlds filled with whimsical creatures. I never really allowed myself to go back there as an adult,” she says. “Then, a life event happened that broke my spirit. That’s when I started creating.”

The first piece happened almost by accident: after stumbling upon a few old, broken watches, Ave felt inspired to take them apart piece by piece. She then reconstructed the stray parts into a robotic creature. Soon after, her otherworldly ”watchbot” series was born, and she began to share photographs of her work with the steampunk community on Instagram.

”My watchbot work is the physical representation of my fast-paced mind reaching stability and harmony among decay and disarray,” she says. ”It’s a gateway back into the fantasy realms of my childhood.”