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D&D is a came of the mind. It requires a vivid imagination, and the ability to communicate your ideas with the others at your table… Sometimes however your ideas don’t translate well without a visual. Building your own terrain, drawing out a map on a mat, or using tiles from something like Heroscape. (Seriously Mike Mearls, you and Perkins told me a year ago that there was something coming, and I’ll be asking you about it again at PAX South and East this year)

As well as you describe something, as attentive as your players are, sometimes you just need a visual. Maybe this combat has areas that can be used by you or by the party for a tactical advantage, maybe there are hazards in this room that only a visual will help with. Visuals can play a big part in your sessions.

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my boy playballnotgirls had me do this 

Name: Mattie
Nicknames: Mattie, Matt, Healy, Mad-Dog, Ma*insert tea emoji*, Mearl and a lota more
Birthday: May 6th
Age: seize
Gender: iron 
Sexual Orientation: D
Significant other: i want trayce or e-train
Height: 5’7ish 8ish
Work/School: too kool 4 both 
Favorite color: black from head to toe 
Time and date: 7:42 pm in Ohigho. sure, where we going?
Average hours of sleep: and dat is? 
Last thing I googled: man buns 
Number of blankets I sleep under: im a seven layered burrito 
Favorite movies: American Psycho 
Favorite animations: HOW TO TRAIN YOUR [mudafuckin] DRAGON 
Favorite shows: too many
Favorite food: poison 
Favorite place to shop for clothes: this must be such a hottopic to talk about 
Last movie I saw in theaters: the one with the kid who saved dragons but it is the 2
Last book I read: haha  
A place that makes me happy: im a lil tea pot 
What are you doing today: bitchin’ 

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Day 28: Wednesday, Jan 28, 2015

Lacey’s w a Plain bagel and cream cheese for breakfast

Watched videos of pigs and guinea pigs in Hallet LOL

My makeup was on point today yaaas

Foods was fun!!! Measured out fats and carbs and proteins and stuffff

Selfiessssss w Mamma Mearle


it’s weird how much mediocre art there’s been in wotc d&d considering how stellar their m:tg lineup is, but then the m:tg crew has been a lot more on the ball for a while

never stop believing in mike mearls 2k8

Maybe country 

maybe to research

Sturgill Simpson

The Knitters

American Aquarium

Waylon Haggard (mearl?) Meryl Waylon and Hank

Joe Rogan?

Lefty Frizzel

Treetop Flyers

waylon jennings

Rewind: Interview with WOTC Game Designer Mike Mearls

Rewind: Interview with WOTC Game Designer Mike Mearls

Mike Mearls

Note: This interview originally appeared in Amazing Stories Magazine March 20, 2013.

The Game Room has a special guest today. None other than the legendary Mike Mearls from Wizards of the Coast. Mike serves as senior manager for the research and design team that is actively creating the next generation of the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game code-named D&D Next. While not locked…

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