YES. Set 2 of 4 done. Elder Scrolls OC’s.

So, my OCs exist in the resurgence of the Great War, soon after the events of TES V. So we’ve got the Aldmeri Dominion (check dem babies out), the neutral parties (who are illustrated above), and the yet to be drawn Bosmeri Resistance and Imperial Legions. This is all going down in Valenwood by the way. The Dominion is getting pushed off the mainland.


Laelia: Orphan Breton, rescued by Ragna, Mearle and their recently departed friend Myrgjol while adventuring in Skyrim. Ragna’s a young, cocky conjurer. Rather stuck up.

Ragna: Laelia’s Nord sister who was also scooped up by Mearle+Myrgjol. When she was found running around Riften at 11, she was already taller and stronger than Mearle. Since then, she has transformed from an abused, violent dock rat into a disciplined, stoic protector.

Mearle: The little blond Bosmer who is the key to everything. He’s this silly, compassionate adventurer, worshiper of Mara, defender of the innocent whether they be human, Altmer or otherwise. He fled Valenwood in his youth, believing he had murdered a sadistic Thalmor. Dun dun duuuun.

Gallus: Breton wizard, Destruction magic specialist, kicked out of the Arcane University for forging his enrollment documents, clever, arrogant, hilarious. Working with the next four guys down to commit unlawful acts of thievery. He gets separated from that crew and lost with Mearle in Eldengrove. The couple adorably hook up after weeks of bickering.

Dar’Hijhiim: Khajiit swindler. Leader of a band of thieves looking to take advantage of the chaos of the Second Great War.

Tlzem: In Dar’Hijhiim’s troupe along with Gallus and the Orc twins. He’s the least immoral of the bunch. He was a jeweler who fled Black Marsh to evade punishment for skipping a monthly tribute payment, so really, he’s not cut out for crime.

Burlog and Burleg: Orsimer twins, loyal to Dar’Hijhiim. They are rarely given cause to fight. Dar’Hijhiim uses them for intimidation.

Glenien: (HORNS. HORNS. WHY SO HARD WHY) An ancient Bosmeri Shaman of the the Triclove Sect who was transformed into a beast ages ago in a Wild Hunt. He stumbled into Eldengrove where he slowly began to regain his…. humanity? Merity? Personhood? Do you get what I’m saying? Mearle and Gallus accidentally wake him up and he becomes their giant, confused, adorable guide. 

truedoommurderhead replied to your post “came to the horrifying realisation that i’d actually be wiling to play…”

5e is surprisingly good and might be worth checking out if you want the same sort of feel as 3.x but without the mess of convoluted rules

ehhh i took a little look a the basic rules and i wasn’t that impressed. those books cost hell of moneys too, so unless they come out with a big srd i don’t think it’s worth it. also i think mike mearls is stupid as hell, but that’s neither here nor there.

anyway, it’s less about the actual rules and more about having fun with friends for laughs


SO, some repetition, bleh. Anyway, got ma boys together, finally drew Gallus, good on Gallus. The two become an adorable couple. Mearle is a Bosmer, adventurer, general good fella. Gallus is a wizard who was kicked out of the Arcane University for forging his enrollment documents and is now working for a band of looters taking advantage of the Second Great War. In this tale, Gallus gets a magic seed infused in his arm then he and Mearle get lost in the hidden forest of Elden Grove while on a mission to deliver the seed to The Father Tree in order to waken the god of the forest and destroy the Deadric Blight killing Valenwood. The Blight, by the way,  is controlled by Mearle’s evil ex so it’s all very very complicated blah blah I have too much free time.

Second pic was just a speedy sketch to figure out Glenien, a creature Mearle and Gallus accidentally awaken in Elden Grove. Glenien was a shaman who became a beast in the Wild Hunt a few ages ago. Instead of being devoured, he stumbled into Elden Grove and as time passed, he began to recall his life before his transformation. Now he’s this huge, confused, adorable monster Gallus named “Deer Guy”. Sometimes Deer Guy needs someone to hold his hand, as shown with a very weirded out Mearle holding Glenien’s finger.