Books That Inspired The New Dungeons & Dragons

By David M. Ewalt

The biggest influence on Mearls’ work is probably Ursula LeGuin’s Earthsea series. “Aside from the literary strengths of her work, she captures the rise of a legendary figure from humble beginnings to the heights of power in a way that I really love,” he says.

Rodney Thompson, another designer on the fifth edition of D&D, says much of his work on the game was influenced by author Poul Anderson, and that you can see it best in the paladin and warlock player character classes. “We really looked back to the paladin’s roots, which you can trace back to Three Hearts and Three Lions specifically, but there’s also a lot of influence from The Broken Sword there too, specifically in the Oath of the Ancients,” he says. “In the warlock, several of the invocations (such as the Witch Sight invocation) are drawn straight from the darker magic shown in The Broken Sword.”

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WIP!! If you reblog, come back for the finished product or just, like, don’t reblog. Also, sorry for how huge and blurry these all look. Maybe it’s just my computer. I dunno. The originals look so much more delicate and sharp.

I have been drawing too many heads. I need a break. So, some time ago, I saw a couple artists doing a cute thing where they illustrated what their characters carry while adventuring. These are a couple of things Mearle would have.

Hunting knife- Never used for combat. Only for skinning game, cutting stuff. Small practical knife.

Whet stone- For his little knife there.

Soap lump- Mearle hates being dirty and stinky. He hates it with all his might.

Nord ceramic jar containing lotion- ‘Cause tight protective clothing plus moist Valenwood jungle equals stinkiness and friction. Also, Mearle thought the jar was adorable and had to have it.

Tincture of lilac oil- For when he needs to mix up more lotion. Mearle freaking loves lilac. He was almost mauled by a bear once because he was distracted enthusiastically inhaling a lilac bush.

Extra bow string- He has lots but drawing one was enough.

Bees wax- So many uses. Wax his bow strings, waterproof his boots and leather tarp, lotion ingredient, chapped lips… Wax is awesome.

Still need to illustrate: Reflex bow and kemend, extra clothes (braies, hose, night shirts, stockings), bedroll, leather tarp/hammock/so useful,  little bags strapped to bedroll/tarp, quiver, pouch for potions on front strap.

Myrgjol, his giant Nord companion, carries all of the cooking stuff and water since she isn’t stealth based and can afford to clank and slosh. She’s also much stronger, so, makes sense.

Where Are The D&D Conversion Guides? Delayed For Jury Duty Marshall Lemon

| 21 March 2015 12:53 pm


Those Dungeons & Dragons conversion documents have to wait until Wizards of the Coast’s approvals person wraps up a real-world courtroom drama.

Dungeons & Dragons‘ Fifth Edition has been out for half a year, and has all kinds of new adventures still on the way. But for many fans, the…

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My name is John Martin and I have been an independent singer/songwriter now for over twenty years. My influences start with my Uncle Larry who is responsible for starting me out learning basic guitar. From there it was and in most cases still is the likes of Elvis, Mearl Haggard, the Man in Black J.C, George Strait, Jimmy Buffett, Allan Jackson, David Allan Coe and the list could go on and on.

After learning a few basic guitar chords A, D, and E, I realized I had a knack for poetry and with this I applied my basic knowledge of guitar and began adding melodies to these poetry writings. I fell in love with the craft and art of songwriting, so much I earned my Associates degree in music theory from the University of Alaska, Anchorage and well the rest is history. I have paid many dues performing throughout my local area and the United States, including Nashville. Let me just say there’s paying dues and then, there is paying dues.

I have played in some of the dumpiest hole in the wall taverns, biker bars, I have had beer bottles, beer glasses, and panties and bras thrown at me against chicken wire and let me just say again some of the beer spray was good but not all the panty’s and bras were. I love writing music and I am honored to share it with you and my fans here on Music Host Network.


Lila Afiouni

Beautiful art journals. Heavy in texture combined with wonderful brush strokes. From this I’ve had a few ideas about adding signage (or maybe receipts)  into my work. Perhaps humorous and pornographic signs that I will be sure to purposely misplace. 

The second picture is a photograph I took in NewFerry. Creepy pet shop sign.. Children welcome. 

The next picture is of ‘Mearle’s Drive-In’ - Visalia, California. This much loved Visalia landmark opened in the early 1940s as ‘Tad’s Drive-in’. It was known for fantastic food and happy roller skating car hops. But most of all that memorable neon sign flashing in the night sky was the drawing card to eat. In 1961 the business was sold to Mearle Heitzman, hence forth the name ‘Mearle’s Drive-In’.

The final picture is Roswell Motor Supply, Roswell, New Mexico. Creating my own version of something like this would be a cool way of getting some cartoons and type into my work.  Perhaps actually making these signs (cardboard and paint) would create a cool effect once photographed.

So it turns out Mike Mearls, the lead designer of D&D 5e, is part of a google group used by known harasser and abuser Zak Smith to single out women and minorities for harassment and to further harass, abuse, and gaslight them.

Mearls, meanwhile, insisted he had seen “no evidence” of harassing, asked people to send any evidence of abuse… dismissing all of it.

So basically what I’m saying is for all his talk of “diversity”, it is super clear that Mike Mearls actually just thinks harassing people (especially women), literally to the point of PHYSICAL ASSAULT in one case, is a cool thing to do. Mike Mearls knowingly took part in harassment.

Fuck D&D.