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…I seek refuge from the accursed satan. Oh Allah I have conveyed the Message.

Talk Islam - Signs of the Last Day | Miracles of Muhammad ﷺ

Ibn Masood said “I said to the Prophet”

“Does the hour have a knowledge that you can know it by?”

He said..

“Yes, Oh Ibn Masood”.

And Muslims have to know these signs so they recognise them when they see them.

And there are many signs.

One of the signs.

  • Rain becomes burning or acidic. Acid rain.
  • You’ll see evil people spreading widely.

Oh Ibn Masood from the signs and conditions of the Hour is that people will trust treacherous people and they will consider trustworthy people treacherous”.

  • The truthful one will be called a liar and the one telling a lie will be called truthful.

These are signs.

This to me is one of the clear Prophetic miracles of the Prophet.

He said..

That the dishes will be communicating continuously and the Prophet used the very word that’s used for satellite communications.


  • And people will sever their family ties.

In other words people will stay home and watch television on satellite dish, and they won’t go visit their neighbours.

This is an amazing Hadith to me.

  • You will see hypocrites ruling.

And you will see the worst people controlling the market places.

  • You will have ornamental mosques but the hearts would be ugly.

So people praying in the mosque they’ve done no Tazkiyah but the mosque is beautiful.

  • The believer will be more humiliated than the ugly goat. Like nothing.
  • And he said you will see young people having massive wealth.

Like Zuckerberg was a multi billionaire before he was 30..

  • And you will see movements to corrupt the women.

You will see the civilisation of the destruction of the world.
So the destruction of the world that would become the civilisation.
It’s destruction.

  • That musical instruments will be widespread.

Musical instruments will be on their heads.

How did he know about that?

That’s what it says, I didn’t make that up.

It says they will have…

“On their heads are musical instruments.”

Who would have thought?
Who would have known what that meant at the time of our Prophet?

But now we see it, all these people everywhere.

He said..

You will see many police.

And also…

Now look at all the TV shows where they just mock people.

In my country now over 50%.

The Prophet said..

That trials will be shown to the hearts like a mat.

  • It has two lines, a horizontal and vertical line.

This is the TV set. This is the set. It’s a mat.

And the Prophet said..

The trials will be shown to the hearts like a mat.

And this is how satan is destroying the hearts.

By showing them the trials on these films and on TV. Over and over again until people become accustomed to violence. It’s a normal thing, they’re not shocked by it anymore.

The Messenger of Allah said..

There are two types of people of Hell whom I have not seen.

  • You will see people with whips like cow tails.

They’ll hit people with it.

They’ll sway in their walk and cause others to incline towards them.

Ya Allah.

The Prophet has spoken the truth.

He said..

Their hair would be like the Bactrian camels hair.

This is not a camel the Arabs had. They came from Persia so they saw them they knew what they were. These people will not enter Paradise.

“The Prophet has spoken the truth”.

He said..

People will drink intoxicants from my Ummah and call it by other names.

Right, they’ll have lots of names for it.

I seek refuge from the accursed satan.

Oh Allah I have conveyed the Message.

Talk Islam - Video Description - Signs of the Last Day | Miracles of Muhammad ﷺ

Unbelievable miracles of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ foretelling the signs of the last day. From musical instruments to television screens and satellite communication. There is no way he could have known these things, except for the fact he was the Prophet of Allah.

Watch, share and realise we are closer than ever to the end of time. May Allah protect us all.

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