The nurse as administrator or manager must establish, maintain, and promote conditions of employment that enable nurses within that organization or community setting to practice in accord with accepted standards of nursing practice and provide a nursing and healthcare work environment that meets the standards and guidelines of nursing practice. Professional autonomy and self-regulation in the control of conditions of practice are necessary for implementing nursing standards and guidelines and assuring quality care for those whom nursing serves.

Nurses are leaders and vigilant advocates for the delivery of dignified and humane care. A fundamental principle that underlies all nursing practice is respect for the inherent worth, dignity, and human rights of every individual. Nurses take into account the needs and values of all persons in all professional relationships.

Competence affects one’s self-respect, self-esteem, professional status, and the meaningfulness of work.

—  American Nurses Association, Code of Ethics
It is surprising to me to see how many people separate the objective from the abstract. Objective painting is not good painting unless it is good in the abstract sense. A hill or tree cannot make a good painting just because it is a hill or a tree. It is lines and colours put together so that they say something. For me that is the very basis of painting. The abstraction is often the most definite form for the intangible thing in myself that I can only clarify in paint.
—  Georgia O’Keeffe, Some Memories of Drawings


Recently got myself a beautiful Moonstone pendant, which i’ve actually just had to take off because it feels so strong. I took her in the ocean the other day and then lay in bright sunlight so i feel she’s overcharged and needs some peace for awhile. A shame, because she looks so beautiful but you have to listen to your stones.

🌙 The stone of new beginnings. Can be beneficial for adjusting to a difficult change or invoking a different path in life if you feel stuck in a rut.

🌙 Can calm and soothe hot headed, fiery or anxious people, especially passive aggressive or quietly threatening people, with its passive feminine energy. 

🌙 Invokes intuition, and encourages spontaneity.

🌙 Opens the wearer to the energies of others, giving a heightened ability to read and understand situations and the feelings of others. 

🌙 Encourages lucid dreaming and clairvoyant/psychic abilities (in the way that you may be able to tune in to more subtle energies and vibrations around you, giving you a better understanding of the space and the beings in it). 

So overall, Moonstone drastically boost perception, intuition and spirituality, and allows you to understand and perceive  deeper understandings of the things around you, which is generally why it is known as the Psychics Stone. 

This is why i needed to take it off: i was analysing everyone and everything around me to the point that my head god chaotic. I felt and understood too much, and got too deep into my own head. 

Autumn Leaves ~

For all yall who did not understand the concept Autumn Leaves video, the purpose of Karrueche walking through out the whole video is meant to portray the journey of their relationship. You can see Chris trying and trying to keep up with her as he’s following her but he enters that tunnel, which then leads all those lustful females to appear which implies the problem they probably face in their relationship, the temptations he has to deal with, a test but in the end it’s Kae he wants. The light in the end of the tunnel shows she was waiting for him, through all that bullshit and yet he still made it to her. The Asian culture’s loyalty drapes over the video nicely. Hands down, haven’t seen an amazing video in such a long time, the traditional Asian theme literally touched me, I could not emphasise how much and the songs itself is just beautiful. Amazingly done by the couple, this song is definitely on my top five.