• Yesterday, four hours into a six hour trip to a business meeting I get the call it has been cancelled. Fuck. Turn around. 

• It’s 3:00PM and only two of the eleven things on my list are completed.

• It’s cold in here. Fucking cold.. and the heater is broken.

• I’ve decided to burn my list and knit the rest of the day away.

• One step closer to a release date for a project that I’m excited about. I’m hoping so, anyway. *fingers crossed*

• Five extra special people in Tumblrland whose posts always make me think, smile, or have hope. Thank you. 

Who I'm loving a little more than the rest right now.


cantseewhy replied to your post: Random Thoughts

You need pumpkin beer. And a hug. (yes I read it all).


 isagiatt replied to your post

I already know you love me more than the others. ;-)


 meandmykiddykats replied to your post

Praying for him reg. surgery - & you!


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Thank you all for making me smile when I thought I couldn’t. <3

*runs off to learn more about pumpkin beer because it sounds delicious*

longhairedboy replied to your postIs it fair to say it’s brutal?

huge difference between snark and blunt honesty. it’s all in the wording and tone, almost none of it is in the actual answer. I get this a lot too. they don’t want a lie. they want the truth with less biting edge.

meandmykiddykats replied to your postIs it fair to say it’s brutal?

They shouldn’t ask if they don’t want to know. Maybe just soften the truth somehow? lol

I think you are both very right… I have great difficulty here. I am working on it. thank you both!