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demandez-mlle-courfeyrac do you mean to imply that I can’t go around in copious amounts of red? I thought we had agreed that it’s my colour.

Girls Wear Blue, Boys Wear Pinkwashing

by Alok Vaid-Menon

there is this ritual that happens every time a white house
gives the same speech but
applies it to a different body

this moment where the world forgets
the red earth this house is settled on and
the silver bullets that keep it standing
and the blue skies it sends its late night scheduled programming to
delivered to their doorsteps with drones

there is this thing happens when
for a moment
every heart hungers for a dropped word
and forgets about all of the dropped bombs
and promises from the last time this house
invited us for dinner and made us
pay our entrance fee
with blood

nationalism means every mouth is
a walking microphone reciting the same
broken promise –
means the man in a suit
tells us to keep dreaming so we keep
falling asleep
and — the thing is –
when you scream while
sleeping they can call it a nightmare
and not the norm —
means these liberals
are so busy speaking that they
haven’t taken the time to notice
what their hands are doing
beneath them, our
gasping throats mistaken as

so when i am expected to celebrate
the fact that a president included
my trans identity in his
speech: i recognize this not
as a form of denial,
but rather distraction:
a lethal distinction.

when the president acknowledges the trans community
i wonder who exactly he is speaking about?
my sisters slain on streets like discarded sewage
the white liberals who carry the numbers of the dead on their tongues
as their for profit tears fall in their pocketbooks
how they are so used to experimenting on our bodies that they have found
a way to dissect gender identity from color and class
to not only be the punchline of their jokes,
but also the punchline of their propaganda:

when they tell me that his speech is historic
i wonder whose history they are speaking about?
she, the white woman who ghost writes his speech
tells him that she grew up her entire life feeling unseen

or we the colors of this earth
who no longer have the words to name ourselves
erased from our histories after being forcibly
assimilated into a gender binary
whose sole purpose is to keep us
killing ourselves so they can
wash their hands of the blood

when they tell me that this is progress
i wonder whose progress they are speaking about?
not the trans people raped and killed by the military
not the trans people raped and killed by the police
not the trans people raped and discarded by the state

how many words does it take to dismantle a bomb?
how many words does it take to erase a border?
how many words does it take bring back the dead?

so i will not pledge allegiance to the trans tipping point
as it continues to crush Black and brown people
across the world until we are so one dimensional
you no longer see us from our rainbow tinted
sunglasses as you continue to cruise across the world
and call it tourism instead of colonialism

i will not pledge allegiance to the trans tipping point
as cis people continue to steal our struggle for grants to make their organizations bigger,
the ones
that have mastered the art of positioning a hand
in front of our mouths
and positioning a microphone in front of theirs
call it “progressive”

i will not pledge allegiance to the trans tipping point:
when visibility for some means
vilification for most
when lip service for some means
life sentence for most
when acknowledgment for some means
annihilation for most

i pledge allegiance to my sisters!
i pledge allegiance to my sisters!
i pledge allegiance to my sisters!

our trans means
we refuse to be used to make
the rich, richer
the white, more conscious
the poor, more criminalized
our trans means we will not help the fascism transition into fashion
bomb transition into diplomacy
prisons transition into justice
our trans means the end of imperialism
our trans means the end of militarism
our trans means the end of police
our trans means the end of borders
our trans means the end of the white man’s house
not being invited to it

so call me to celebrate
when that
makes it
on the news.


Middle-earth History Meme: 1/3 Quotes:

"We have sworn, and not lightly. This oath we will keep. We are threatened with many evils, and treason not least; but one thing is not said: that we shall suffer from cowardice, from cravens or the fear of cravens. Therefore I say that we will go on, and this doom I add: the deeds that we shall do shall be the matter of song until the last days of Arda."

- Fëanor, Of the Flight of the Noldor - The Silmarillion

'And the doom of Fëanor was true-spoken also.'
- The Annals of Aman, Morgoth’s Ring - HoMe


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