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I feel sad for u because you don't have beautiful black feature, just a typical white face. Esp ur nose and lips lol


not one?

not a single….beautiful….black……


nOT onE…..



Oh here and this is me now

Well that was fun have a good day dear. 

hey…… did you know……. even “good” people can slip up and say/do something wrong so let’s stop creating unrealistic expectations for people and getting angry when they don’t live up to your expectations…… not everyone is as aware of social issues as you may be so try being patient and explaining the issue instead of calling a witch hunt on whoever has done something wrong :^)

Long car ride, part 3 (kinda smut, Calum)

Requested: yes (lmao this has noting to do with car rides anymore tbh)

Summary: Honestly, you had no idea how you end up like this. You hated the boy, yet he was snuggled up behind you, pressing your warm bodies together. You couldn’t stand being in the same room as him and you always turned your gaze away when he looked at you, but yet you had sex over the kitchen table, moaning each other’s names.

Word count: 1999 words (lmao)

ilovemyotp said: Long car ride part 2 was AMAZING I LOVED IT PLS DO PART 3

Anonymous said: Could you do a part two where the boys get back from there fishing trip and find them naked together in bed asleep?

Anonymous said: omg a part 3 pls!! like they finally got caught or start have feelings for each other

+ 20 (oh god)

a/n: i love u all a lot thank u so much for the feedback!! 


You were barely awake when you heard the door opening in the hallway, and the voices of the guys echoed through your head and across the room. You groaned and Calum’s arm wrapped even tighter around your waist, breathing out deeply in your neck.



You had sex with Calum, and you didn’t fix the table and you were 100% sure he forgot at least one clothing on the floor as he picked it up earlier.

“Cal?” you whispered as you heard the boys mumble to each other out wherever they stood.

“Sleepin’”, he groaned, nuzzling his head in your neck, lips warn against your skin.

“They’re home.”


“For fucks sake, Calum”, you sighed, but when you heard the boys closing in to the bedroom, you followed his example, closing your eyes and pretended to sleep.

The door opened slightly, just a little bit, and through your half open eye you could see Michael’s head look around.

“In the bed”, he whispered to the others, and the door then opened fully.

You knew Calum was awake, his breathing was more steady now and his finger was ghosting up and down the exposed skin on your stomach. Shit, you were both still naked.

“What the hell?” Luke mumbled and you held your breath. “Are they asleep?”

“I think so”, Ashton nodded, “and naked too.”

“How long have they been banging?” Michael asked, laughing quietly, “I knew there was a reason they both stayed home!”

“I thought they hated each other, though”, Luke frowned, “did they ruin the kitchen table?”

Ashton and Michael groaned loudly at the same time, and Calum shifted slightly behind you.

“That’s nothing I wanna think about”, Michael said, “and be quiet, you’re gonna wake them up.”

“Must have been rough”, Luke shrugged and you had to bite your lip to hold yourself back from laughing.

“Luke!” Ashton glared at him.

“You were thinking it too.”

“Not openly”, Ashton mumbled and Michael laughed at them.

“Come on, we can ask for an explanation when they wake up”, Michal said, pulling on Ashton’s sleeve, and they left the room, carefully closing the door behind you.

You stayed in the same position for another five minutes, though you knew he was awake, too. His skin was hot against yours, his arm wrapped around you in a way you found rather possessive, but you didn’t complain.

Honestly, you had no idea how you end up like this. You hated the boy, yet he was snuggled up behind you, pressing your bodies together. You couldn’t stand being in the same room as him and you always turned your gaze away when he looked at you, but yet you had sex over the kitchen table.

How did that happen?

“Should we go out?” you asked.

You could feel him shrug lightly behind you, moving his leg between yours and you let out a sigh. “Cal, you’re just being desperate.”

“What did you expect?” he mumbled, pressing his lips against the curve of your neck, his tongue circling over your skin.

“If they hear us-“

“Then you better be quiet”, he said, giving you no further warning before twisting you around, hovering over you. His lips were hot against yours, the quiet moans drove you crazy and his legs straddled you down as he pinned your hands above your head.

Somewhere back in your mind, you tried to tell yourself not to do something ridiculously slutty like spreading your legs to get his naked skin as close as possible.

His tongue slid against yours in a wet, desperate kiss, and his erection pressed against your thigh and you know what, maybe ridiculously slutty was a perfect idea.

You were burning everywhere he touched you, rolling your hips up to meet his, and Calum bit down your lip, hard, to hold back a moan. You wanted to hear him, you wanted to hear all the sounds he made and you couldn’t even bother caring about the boys outside.

“Fucking hell”, Calum mumbled against your lips, “so good for me, baby.”

You didn’t even try to hold back your moan, tilting your head back in pleasure as his lips connected to your collarbone, sucking on the exposed skin, and-


Calum froze on top of you, and you both stared at the door. It was clearly Ashton’s voice, and he banged at the door a few times before muttering something else.

“If you’re not up in five we’re coming in, all of us! With a camera, livestreaming this!” Silence for a few seconds, and then, “if I hear another moan you’re both dead to us!”

You heard him walking away, muttering angrily for himself, and you couldn’t hold back your smirk anymore.

“Told you to be quiet”, Calum muttered, rolling off you.

“I was totally quiet”, you insisted, “you were the one ruining it.”

“You wish”, he shrugged, glaring at you as he grabbed his underwear from the end of the bed. “I need a few minutes alone.”

You laughed at him, “what? Do finish yourself off?”

“Someone didn’t to her job.”

“You pinned me down the bed, what did you expect me to do?” you rolled your eyes at him.

Calum shrugged. “Fair enough, but you still need to leave.”


He let out a groan, “because you’re sitting naked next to me, what do you think?”

“Am I turning you on?” you mumbled, reaching over to place one hand next to him at the bed, the other one ghosting over his visible erection through his underwear.

“Don’t start anything you won’t finish”, Calum bit out and you smirked.

“Don’t take too long”, you laughed at him, reaching over to your shirt and pulled it over your head, followed by your panties and your skirt. You could feel his eyes watching you as you got dressed, but he didn’t say another word and neither did you before leaving him alone and turned on in the bed.

Best thing about being you was the fact that you didn’t have any erection to hide as you walked through the small hallway out to the kitchen where they boys sat, on the opposite end of where Calum had fucked you a few hours earlier.

“Uhm”, you mumbled, trying your very best to not even glance at the end of the table, but you were pretty sure you failed miserably.

“Hello, y/n”, Luke nodded, “uh-“

“Explain”, Ashton said, pointing over at the other end of the table, and you could feel your cheeks grow red.

“Ah-“ you started, but Ashton just waved you off.

“No, I’m kidding”, he said, “thought you hated him?”

“I do.”

“Judging by the marks on your neck you don’t.”

Your hand immediately flew up to cover the red marks on your skin, and the boys just laughed at you.

“Is he any good?” Michael asked you and you glared at him.

“Shut up”, you mumbled.

“I don’t know if that’s a yes or no”, Luke said.

“Definitely a yes”, you heard Calum say as he walked up next to you and you weren’t even a little bit surprised that he wasn’t wear a shirt.

That little shithead.

“That was quick”, you said bluntly, making Ashton snort out a laugh and Calum glared at you.

But before Calum could say anything back, Michael cleared his throat. “We need to make some ground rules. Please no more sex when we’re camping, at least not until we’re out of the house. No sex at the table, please. You have a bed.”

Calum rolled his eyes and you shrugged.

“And when we get home”, Michael continued, “no sex at the couch where we actually play FIFA, thanks.”

“Wouldn’t dare ruin that beautiful couch”, Calum agreed and it was your turn to roll your eyes.

The rest of the night confused you, because you really didn’t know where this was going. Calum was still throwing sarcastic comments at basically everything you said, but so were you. But he wasn’t giving you the same looks as before, he didn’t look at you like he hated you and wanted you out, and he didn’t stay as far away as possible from you.

No, he was always close. It wasn’t the same teasing as earlier that day, but that was probably because you were all tired as fuck, as you sat all five of you, curled up in the couch, Calum on your right and Ashton on your left, your head resting on Ashton’s shoulder.

You didn’t know where this left you and Calum. Friends? Friends with benefits? Though, your experiment seemed to be working. By experiment, you meant leaning your head on Ashton’s shoulder. Calum didn’t stop eyeing down at you. You didn’t know what he wanted, if he wanted you or just the sex. You didn’t know either. You had spent so much time at war with him you didn’t even know anymore.

You spent the night in your bed, but it felt lonely. It seemed like Calum couldn’t sleep either, as you heard the music playing from his earbuds and his fingers tapping restlessly on the bed.

The next morning, the moment you woke up, you realized two things. First one, you had a headache and secondly, you were alone.

You swung your legs over the bed hiding your face in your hands, groaning softly before getting out of bed, moving slowly across the room, dragging your feet against the floor, not awake enough to lift the up.

It was quiet in the house, but just outside the window, Ashton was giving someone a thumbs up, before running over to Michael and Luke standing a few meters away. Turned out, the person receiving the thumbs up was Calum, who was sitting down at the table, resting his head against the wood.


“Hi”, Calum yawned, “breakfast in the fridge.”

You nodded, moving over towards your beloved breakfast.


You turned around, bread and butter in your hands. “Yeah?”

Calum bit his lip, before giving up a loud sigh. “Fucks sake, do you really hate me?”

“Why you asking?” you said, hesitantly.

“Wanna know.”

Well, did you? “No”, you shrugged, “do you?”


“Nice”, you said.

“Though you are kind of stupid and annoying.”

You grinned up at him, knowing he was kinda joking, “says the one who jerked off in thirty seconds.”

“Fuck off.”

You laughed, “whatever you say, Cal.”

He shook his head. “What are we doing?” he asked after a while, voice serious again, “like, what did we do yesterday?”

“Had sex”, you tried slowly, not really knowing what answer he wanted.

Calum shrugged, “obviously. We had sex, fell asleep, did something and then you were suddenly all off and leaning on Ashton and stuff and sleeping as far away from me as possible.”

“Where are you trying to get?” you mumbled.

“Was this a onetime thing?” he asked bluntly, rushing out the words.

You glanced out the window. “Did Ashton put you up to this?”

“Kinda”, Calum shrugged, “didn’t wanna ask at first but like, I know you don’t like me, but I just wanted to make sure-“

“Do you want it to be something more?”

“I- uh.” Calum stared down at his hands, and then up at you again. You were sitting down a few chairs away from him, staring down at the bread in your hands. “I don’t know. I don’t wanna go around wishing for something that won’t happen, so that’s why I asked you.”

“I don’t know either”, you said, “but if you wanna give it a try I’m up for it.”

“We could always like, go for a coffee?”

“Are you asking me out?”

He shrugged, “I think so.”

You smiled up at him, “okay. We can do that.”

“Nice”, he said.

“Nice”, you repeated.

You weren’t really sure who moved first, you or him, but suddenly you were kissing.

At least that time you ended up in the bed, and not on the table.

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Whether it’s a boyfriend, whether it’s a girlfriend, whether it’s a friend or a mom, having a support system, having a rock, having someone that is there for you, that cares about you…
—  Karlie Kloss, redirecting what had been a very heteronormative conversation about models’ relationships (source)

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I NEVER SAW THAT GIF OF KAISOO AND THE EAR THING. It was always slow but now that's it's sped up he bit his fucking EAR goodbye world I am gone. Would you like a coffin also we both DEAD lmao love the blog


(this was during MAMA era where exo-k attended Calvin Klein multi-event in Seoul)

The whispering is intimate as hell and seriously if his lips didn’t grazed Jongin’s ear not even in the slightest way then i don’t know myself anymore

Notice how Jongin leans onto Kyungsoo i mean if the person touches your ear with their lips, you turn your head towards them because you enjoy it. And oh boy, Jongin totally does :’))

 get the double size coffin so that we can lie down together ahahha