Summer Lietka (Seminole) Named Pitcher-of-the-Year by Sooner Athletic Conference

The Sooner Athletic Conference has announced its 2015 all-conference softball team and top individual awards. The team was voted on by the league’s eight softball coaches. The league’s top two pitchers Abby Meador of Oklahoma City and Summer Leitka (Seminole Nation of Oklahoma) of Science & Arts took home the top individual honors.

I can’t tell you how much I love my advisor. Like this guy literally looks out for my well being so much and knows that sometimes I have problems getting things done but work really hard. He still calls me a good student and reminds me that I’m good to have in class.

This is the same prof who listened to me practically break down in front of him and asked me if there was anything he could do to help and prayed over me. He’s let me turn in papers and assignments late and still graded me fairly. When I asked him today if there was anything I needed to do to assure a passing grade for myself (I didn’t get all of my assignments for the course turned in on time. Some are still not done and I stayed up most of the night to get what I had finished) he told me I was good and to get some sleep. 

I will always have a great respect for this man. This one’s for you, Dr. Meadors. Cheers.

Gas Export Opponents Stage Blockade of FERC

Gas Export Opponents Stage Blockade of FERC

by John Zangas & Anne Meador / from DCMediaGroup Protesters blockade FERC with 50-foot banner/Photo by John Zangas Protests against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission heated up as more than 80 activists blocked the doors and streets in front of and behind the agency, delaying employees from entering the building for a few hours. They also blockaded North Capitol St. directly behind the…

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A great campaign footage by Jose Cuervo featuring 6 dope surfers on a trip to Mexico. Featured surfers are Alex Gray, Luke Davis, Kassia Meador, Jared Mell, Dane Peterson and Colin Whitbread.

SYMM, 5/23/2015

Hiya! This was the show. It was exciting n stuff. 

Request by DJ Sensei:

turdl3 - SonicBack (Justin Timberlake vs. Masato Nakamura) 

Cattle Decapitation - The Gardeners of Eden - The Harvest Floor 

Morost - Human Debris - Solace in Solitude 

Sam Meador - Kids (Slap Guitar Cover) 

Frédéric Gagnon - Needles (8-bit)

UrufuOdoneru - Deer Dance (8-bit)

Furia - Elmira, L’image d’un Destin - Un Lac de Larmes et de Sang 

Triple-Q - One Layered Ogre - Mash Mouth: Shrek Jokes Aren’t Funny You Fucking Idiots [EP]

Samuel Lidstrom ft. Danny Maguire - M.O.T.H.E.R.F.U.o_O.E.R - Harmony of Heroes

Asense - Optical Phenomena - Cellarius 

Decimatus - Erosion - Catalyst for Rage 

Wax Audio - Master of Doin’ It (Metallica + Herbie Hancock)

Request by DJ Sensei:

The Delta Riggs - Gooey (Cover)

Xanthochriod - Winter’s End 

Paul Robeson - Let My People Go

Julian Grey - Chandelier (Cover)

Vilki - Tumsis bija, gaisis tapa 

Request by Just Leff:

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST - Sword of Destiny 


Request by Anon:

Pallomember - Ov Fire and Bad Romance (Lady Gaga vs Behemoth)

Request by Chocomancy:

BIGBLUBLUR - Live and Slam (Quad City DJs vs Crush 40)

Rordak - In the End (Cover) 

Crypt of the Necrodancer OST - Disco Descent (1-1)

Frederic Gagnon - Orion (8-bit) 

iVardensphere ft. Mari Kattman - Messiah - Fable 

Thanks for listening ya’ll!

The Manifesto Show w/ Uh Oh Quesadilla

7:30pm - Doors Open

8pm - Free Show Begins

(Erika Godwin, James Parker, Catherine Law, Kristen Henley and Jesse Durant)

(Kellan Meador, Meggan Kaiser, Travis Cox, Katy Reed, and Zoe Moacanin)

Kick It
(Aaron Ganser, Kale Hills, Alex Ungerman, Max Lasser, Maria Walsh-Cole, and Alyse Michele)

(Throw your team name in the hat starting at the top of the 1st half for the chance to perform)


Family Mattress
(Ally Ruddy, Natalie Palamides, Colin McGurk, Jeff Kaplan, Jamie Gaul, Mark McColey, Max Lasser and Matt Noonan)

The Hold Up
(Hayley Huntley, Ian Carr, Jake Minton, Andrew Glick, Devin Field)

Penguins on the Playground
(Jen Krueger and Mark David Christenson)

Uh Oh Quesadilla
(Deborah Tarica, Tricia McAlpin, Alex Fernie and Eugene Cordero)



We are located at:

The Clubhouse []
1607 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Remember, there’s a team lottery slot AND a jam every night, so everyone in the audience will have a chance to play.

We are improv for the people so admission is free, but we urge performers and audience alike to throw a few rubles in the donation bucket. There will also be beer and water available with donation

Journey Through The Magic Kingdom: Make Mine Music

Volume #10

Released: Aug. 15, 1946 | Produced by: Walt Disney Productions

Distributed by: RKO Radio Pictures

Directed by: Jack Kinney, Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske, Joshua Meador, & Robert Cormack 

Producer(s): Walt Disney

Watched on: May 6, 2015 | First Viewing?: Yes

     Released, like the studio’s previous three films, during World War II, Make Mine Music is the first package film to truly be a series of shorts thrown together to make a feature film. All ten segments are completely unrelated to each other and most of them feature their own unique style of animation. Unlike the previous package films or even Disney’s earlier film Fantasia, this is the first Disney film to truly feel like a random collection of shorts put together with no frame of any kind. The only thing they all share is music. Now, that’s not saying that they’re not fun pieces to watch and listen to, because they are! The variety of animation and music alone is enough to keep you interested and entertained. Sure, there are one of two that are a little too strange/boring (Silhouettes). But those are made up for my fun and beautiful animation as seen in The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the MetBlue BayouAll the Cats Join In, & Johnnie Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet, to name a few. Their variety in tone and animation are this film’s largest feat. 

     Then, of course, there are the two segments that are the most recognizable from this film and that have gone on to be iconic in the Disney world. Peter and the Wolf and Casey at Bat are two extremely popular shorts that I would never have associated with this film before seeing it. They not only provide the Disney Archives with two iconic Disney characters, but two beautiful (and often funny) stories as well. Both have gone on to be released on their own, separate from this film, and have even had an influence of elements of the Disney Parks. Peter and the Wolf is paid tribute to in Disneyland Paris as part of the Storybook Land Canal Boats and Casey at Bat is the influence for Casey’s Corner on Mainstreet, USA in most parks as well as one of the games on The Boardwalk in Disney California Adventure. 

     Something interesting I found while researching this film was that it was actually bashed by critics for containing too much violence in the first segment, The Martins and the Coys. They were also perturbed by image of the teenage girl changing in All the Cats Join In. Therefore, it’s no surprise that when the film was originally released in the UK (and re-released in America) the first segment was cut completely and All the Cats…was cut down drastically. Oh, the 50s. What a time. But anyways, is this film perfect? nope! But hey, at least it’s far better than its two Package Film predecessors in terms of both animation and music. Let’s hope the next three keep it up! 

Check back next Saturday for: Song of the South (1946)

John Meador Nominated for President of SBC Pastors' Conference

John Meador Nominated for President of SBC Pastors’ Conference

John Meador

John Meador, pastor of the Dallas-area First Baptist Church in Euless, Texas, will be nominated for president of the Southern Baptist Convention Pastors’ Conference, according to an announcement by Tennessee pastor Steve Gaines.


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ORDOS from Charles Lanceplaine on Vimeo.

Built for 1 million people and currently inhabited by just a few thousand.

It’s been called the Dubai of northern China, showered with wealth, packed with public infrastructure and located near to precious natural resources in a region plagued by water-supply troubles.

Ordos is a ghost town located in Inner Mongolia. Seeing the potential of this city in terms of spots we decided to organize a skate trip and be the first ones to skate such a surreal place.

Directed, filmed & edited by: Charles Lanceplaine
Additional filming: Patrik Wallner & Tommy Zhao
Music: You Me by Hamacide + Chacha
Sound mix: Gaetan Lourmiere

Skaters: Jay Meador, Gustav Nymans, Tommy Zhao, Alexander Hwang, James Capps, Elliott Zelinskas & Brian Dolle