I’m really stirred about the idea of a human faith that views black holes—these star-cannibalizing chasms of spacetime–as cosmic appendages of its revered god.

How would the prayers recite? Dadaisms and astrophysics in tongues? Perhaps the gospels would be x-ray data converted into audible pulsations; noise engineered to inspire the meditation of the spaghettification of your body as you are enveloped into the never-ending embrace of the Gravitational Grace.

The Event Horizon Ascension.

whimsical-sue asked:

"Could you just shut up for a minute ?!"

Digg yelled at him, reaching up to shove him back before thinking twice about it, remembering what happened last time. 

“Felicity was the only one who could go. You’re comm was trashed, I was unconscious and she was the only one able to go to water treatment plant. If vertigo gets in the city water supply, then the whole city is toast. Nothing could save, not the Arrow or anyone.”

Oliver grit his teeth, hands clamping on his bow. “She should be back by now. Why isn’t she back?”

Dig shook his head. “I don’t even know when she left.”

That was when Oliver’s phone rang. Felicity’s picture flashed on the front. He breathed out, relaxing. She was safe.

“Hey, thank goodness, I was worried. Don’t do something like that again you hear me?”

Instead of Felicity’s golden tones replying back to him, he hear a cold, hard voice instead. 

“You mean something like this to the blonde?”

Oliver heard an echoing gunshot in the background. It would sound in his dreams for years. 

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