You’ve got to watch this…Because it’s Zlatan (picking his dream team)


"What’s up Ricardinho, how are you? Here talking to you is the boring crazy haired David Luiz. I’d like to send you this video and a big kiss, and tell you that you are a great example to me, and for many other people, you can be sure of that. A boy who fights to have a hopeful future, a better future. Congratulations to you and your family for all this dedication, this demonstration of unity. People that don’t have an easy life at the moment, but fight together to make things happen, and that’s how we have to do things in life. No one achieves anything alone. So I’d like to congratulate you for that, and tell you that I really want to meet you and hug you. Thanks for all the love you have for me. Be sure it’s really precious to me, and I’ll always keep this in my heart. As soon as I have the opportunity I’ll be in Brazil and I want to meet you, ok? Take care of yourself! God Bless you! May God Pour out many blessings in your life. I’m sure this little problem you’re having, we will get it over together, you’ll be cured by the name of Jesus, because you deserve it. You will keep giving us many good examples in the future, I’m sure of that! You are a warrior! We are together, big friend! I’m crazy, right? Just a little bit." [x]

- David’s suprise message for Ricardinho [story here].