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idk all the time I am staring at Gilinsky because his smile…wow
but Johnson is a cute pie fuck I want boyfriend like him


This is Jack. Every Sunday without fail Jack will come visit our restaurant and order a hot chocolate and a portion of mashed potato. He will eat half his mash and then send it back to the kitchen to be reheated while he laughs and jokes, claiming it’s cold and we can’t cook properly. Jack suffers from cerebral palsy and is unable to walk or talk. He will be wheelchair bound for the rest of his life and has to be fed drips and various medicines through injections three times a day. Through Jack’s carer, Jade, myself and the staff are able to communicate with Jack and understand his various gestures. Jack loves one direction, the original rudeboys and anything pop, so I take it upon myself to sing to him whenever he’s in the restaurant so he can dance along. Yesterday I told Jack that I had an audition for a talent show and will be taking a year out to pursue music. He got so excited that he kissed my cheek, jumped up and down in his chair, signed ‘I love you’ and demanded we do one of his favourite things before I headed off; take some selfies. It’s people like Jack that make the gruelling work, ungrateful customers and horrible hours working in a restaurant bearable.