Check out this playlist on @8tracks: Exactly As I Love You by shortlatte.

Old Gregg just wants to dance, motherlickers, and to love a man named Howard Moon. Of course, Old Gregg just might have to capture Howard first.

mixed business — beck | let’s dance — david bowie | gimme gimme gimme (a man after midnight) — abba | l-l-love — astaire | where did all the love go? — kasabian | one way or another — blondie | tie your mother down — queen | trespassing — adam lambert | i believe in a thing called love — the darkness | do you want to — franz ferdinand | i was made for lovin’ you — kiss | sailor — iamx | hot stuff — the rolling stones | bloodsport — sneaker pimps | tusk — fleetwood mac | laura — scissor sisters | love games — the mighty boosh



So, they didn’t mention not being allowed to take photos, but there was a guy prowling around with a torch, and we didn’t want to get kicked out, so had to be Very Sneaky. Consequently, we weren’t able to get many, but I will share what we did manage!

ALSO, I will write up everything I can remember, but, because I want to do it justice, it will have to wait ‘til tonight - got stuff to do today and I don’t want to rush it! So… look forward to that I guess :D.

Boosh Warm Up 1 (2 3)

Dear wurmstache​ has kindly allowed me to repost her photo/sets from various live events that’s she been to. Her posts are a true celebration of Noel’s work, and something we can all take great pleasure in looking at together. Thanks Becky. x

It’s such a strange feeling when something comes into your life like a movie or an artist or a band that just feels like it’s made from the same stuff you are, it immediately becomes part of how you define yourself and it’s everything you see yourself as at that point in your life and everything that you aspire to be and it’s such a bizarre sensation when you discover something and you immediately feel it fill a hole inside you that you didn’t know was there


"Look at you. You lose your panda, you lose the book deal… you’re still happy as a bean".

"It’s this poncho! I can’t believe it. It’s impossible to be unhappy in a poncho. But don’t you worry about it, Howard. I’ve got a surprise for you”.