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Mass Effect 3: Day 2

Mostly doing side missions to level up. Though I did save the female Krogan who’s been cured of the genophage. We got a bad bitch over here, that’s for sure…

Seriously, got several quotes that are contenders for my sister’s Mass Effect lighter from her convo.

Also, the noise Reapers make is going to haunt me for ever, so thanks video game, you’re an asshole. 


Started from the bottom


Lastly, I may or may not being doing that “listening to songs that make me think of my ship (Shepard/Garrus)”… I’m in deep. 

…real deep. 

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y did they ruin mass effect by presenting us with mass effect 3 pls tell me

Uhhh take your anger somewhere else cause I loved me3

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Jack from Mass Effect!

character: hate them | don’t really care? | like them? | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: a warm place to sleep and some tibetan singing bowl sounds

brotp: did she get a pet varren later on or am I imagining things

general opinions: jack was one of those ME characters i didn’t gravitate to, because she was so unlike me and so unsuited for irina’s story. i understood where she was coming from, because I used to put up spikes in high school to get people away from me. but, I mean, irina is a really authoritarian paragon shep. she was ranting in her journal for days about how jack couldn’t or wouldn’t follow orders.

that doesn’t mean she’s not interesting, though. i’m glad she turned out all right in me3.

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That's the thing, is that I feel like most (like a great majority) of solasmancers know its not going to be a happy ending. But that doesn't stop them from writing fanfics where things are happy. Few people really think that we'll get a happy ending.

I see a lot of posts on my dash (and I follow mostly solasmancers) about how there’s hope for a happy ending yet.

There’s a difference between happy ending AU fanfic (which is great, keep doing that) and the kind of heartcrushing disappointment people are going to feel if they really believe that things are going to end up okay.

I know about the Thane debacle in ME3, but I really, really think that because Solas is a character who is built around the story itself and wrapped into it in intimate ways, who is going to carry a significant part of the plot, there’s not much hope of us getting a happy ending.

Not with Weekes as his writer. 

I will say that I don’t think the ending will be terrible and heartbreaking if you romance him because his card gives me that much hope, but I also think that it’s not going to be super happy, either.

I expect bittersweet and the absolute MOST.

me3 gets a lot of shit but lets remember how many just fucking great and intense scenes there were

  • Leaving Earth as it’s torn apart
  • Moving passed your differences with Ash/Kaidan, only to see them nearly killed while you let your guard down for just a minute
  • Seeing the destruction of Palaven from Menae
  • Watching Mordin sacrifice himself, all while singing Scientist Salarian
  • Having to hold a gun up to the Virmire Survivor, knowing full well that if they don’t trust you, you will kill them.
  • Thane’s dying prayer.
  • Shepard, tortured and plagued every night by the same nightmare, only getting worse every time someone else passes.
  • The slowly growing list on the Normandy’s memorial wall.
  • Tali, taking off her mask, finally home.
  • Watching Kai Leng escape your grasp on Thessia, as more Reapers descend, the asari commando on your line screaming as they’re attacked until the feed cuts completely.
  • The return to Horizon, to see that the people there, once attacked by the Collectors, have now been experimented on, tortured.
  • Watching Miranda stand up and kill her father, finally ending a lifetime’s worth of torment.
  • Returning to Earth to see it, decimated, grey, coated in ash and the blood of the innocent.
  • Shepard, giving the crew one last speech, as they all gather in to listen, ready to follow them into hell and back.
  • Shepard, saying good bye to their friends and loved ones. They know this is it for them; if anyone is going to die for the mission, it’s them.
  • Shepard, painfully tearing away from their squad during the run for the beam. It’s their mission now–they can live on without them.
  • “I’m proud of you.”