–Neymar Imagine: Bad Decisions (Part I)–

I didn’t want to move. I was so comfortable, but my bladder showed me no mercy. I knew I had been sleeping hard, the drool as evidence. I rubbed my eyes, which were still heavily painted with makeup, and tried to open them. It was a struggle. The sun was so bright creeping through the blinds. I squinted, trying to set my eyes into focus. When they finally adjusted, I shot up out of the bed.

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anonymous asked:

do you wear eye makeup like the one in your most recent selfie every day? it looks really nice on your eye shape

I do wear winged eyeliner every day yes, apart from sunday where i’m in a blanket shell crying because I have too much work to do

Sometimes (if I have time) I’ll make the effort and put on a like blended eyeshadow thing idk

I don’t wear mascara because my eyelashes are long anyway and when they have mascara on they stick together and rub on my glasses which annoys me so much. In that picture it does appear that I have it on, I don’t, I’m just clumsy with the eyeliner gel and get some on my eyelashes because I can’t see very well out of my right eye and it makes doing make up without glasses a pain in the ass

But anyway after that ramble thank you anon for your question and your kind words!! ♥


I typically go barefaced on the weekends when I’m not doing anything, but I almost never let myself go out without foundation because I think my complexion sucks. I had an 8am today so it was absolutely glorious to wait until the last minute and get out of bed and go :) I really began to think to myself “Why I don’t do this more often? Shouldn’t comfort come before beauty?” 

Throughout the day I would find that my face felt less hot, and I was less self conscious of whether my foundation was splotchy or what not. I could also rub my eyes whenever I want to! I mean, I actually have been out multiple times without makeup, I just always feel more confident when I have it on. Although I noticed that the confidence doesn’t last. What’s stopping me from feeling confident with myself without it? I have pretty eyes and pretty freckles! I shouldn’t be ashamed, right? Plus, going without makeup and only putting on moisturizer feels AMAZING

My liquid eyeliner is so bad that once it finally dried after like 5 minutes it was impossible to get off, even WITH makeup remover. I literally gave myself a semi-black eye rubbing that crap off. Like I could smell burning skin. If you want to know what brand it is let me know and I’ll send a pic when I can. No one should have to deal with this ugh