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Do you wear makeup all the time? And what's your favorite makeup item?? You look so pretty in so many of your pictures!!

I usually do, yes. Evan has gotten me to feel a lot better about myself without makeup but I just feel like I look sickly without it… hah.

And my favorite makeup item is my Stila eyeliner marker. When I use eye primer with it, it stays all day even if I accidentally rub my eyes :p And thank you so much!

Conclusion: I look good with and without make up xD. It’s great to wear make up, but sometimes it gets annoying especially when I want to rub my eyes. I miss the freedom of rubbing my eyes without looking like a panda, whenever I wear make up. I miss having a clean face xD So that’s why I just don’t wear make up that often. #Red #Lips #InstaDaily #instagood #Perfect #Pretty #Awesome #Amazing #Sweet #Smile #Difference #Funny #Fabulous #GoodAfternoon #Girl #Happy #Hot #LovinIt #Cute #Beautiful #NoMakeUp #MakeUp #Me

wearing makeup makes me feel ugly because it makes me feel like my natural face isn’t good enough…… like I’m the most confident when i have a natural face tbh. when i have makeup on i feel like i cant touch my face or like rub my eyes or i might like accidentally stain a shirt with foundation or something idk….. and i find it so insulting when ppl r like “u r so pretty with makeup” or like “u could be so pretty if u tried/if u wore makeup” like bye

*I nibble on my lower lip before scooting closer to the edge of the counter and hugging you, not wanting to speak more on the subject and simply needing comfort* I’m sorry I’ve been a mess this entire night… *I say quietly then continue embracing you, your hypothetical statement about me being your girlfriend replaying in my mind, only worsening my impending headache and the butterflies in my stomach. I pull away only enough to look up at you, my makeup smudged around my slightly reddened eyes* Can you take me home now? -Annaliese

*he wraps his arms around you tightly, rubbing your back comfortingly, pretending that he’s not inhaling the scent of your shampoo and ignoring the butterflies in his stomach. He smiles down at you gently when you pull away, nodding* Yes, of course, come on. *he helps you off the counter, walking slowly with you back out to his car, making sure you step over any pieces of glass, helping you into the car before getting in himself* -Harry

Real talk.

When Michael and I met, he didn’t sweep me off my feet, although I did fall and still am madly in love with him. He didn’t smooth talk me. In fact, he was really nervous. He stumbled over words and would look away when I noticed him looking. He would tease me and he felt uncomfortable at times because he was just trying so hard, and he’d never really tried before. As time went on, he conquered my fears. The man has seen me in the shower with black mess streaming down my eyes and will still stop to tell me how beautiful I am. He sees me without an ounce of makeup, and says that’s his favorite. And when I do my makeup, he likes to watch. Stopping me every step of the way saying I don’t need that. He rubs my feet when they’re stinky and fresh out of my work shoes. And massages my back when I’m hot and sweaty after a work out. He holds me when I’m tired and makes me smile even when I’m frustrated and extra grumpy. When I’ve overslept by ten minutes and my alarm doesn’t go off, he calls me. And if I can’t sleep at night, sometimes he calls me then, too. He makes me eat because I don’t always take care of myself, but he wants to. He tells me those skinny jeans look good, because he knows I think they don’t. And he puts up with Taylor Swift in the car, even though he’d probably stab her if he could. He says I love yous at the weirdest of times. Sometimes randomly while we’re mid conversation, and sometimes during sex. I’ll have just left him and five minutes later he texts me, I miss you. He’s not conventional. For Valentine’s Day he got me mokasins. My feet/hands are always ridiculously cold. And I’m always complaining about it. The man thinks outside the box. He’s not the best at everything. But he also makes the best of everything. And I love him for that. For all the little things. And for loving me when I can’t love myself sometimes. That’s why.