Run rabbits, run. 

It is amusing to see how many of them scuttle away when I catch their eye, failing to realize that running is what usually entices a hunt. Fortunate to those who flee, I am rarely the type to give chase to such people as they are not the kind to keep my interest. I do wonder who else I might find though, perhaps someone who I will find worthy of playing a game of cat and mouse with.

like… I honestly would like to know what people think CJ’s referring to besides sex when she says ‘can this be one of the nights when we get sloshed and forget we work together’ in Drought Conditions? what else would she be talking about phrasing it like that? like if she just wanted to get drunk, or
unwind she’d have just said ‘forget about work’ or something? but 'forget we work together’ alludes to so much more? like… ??????


Took some photos of my lovely Ernie Ball USA Musicman Sterling from 1993 for you guys. This was bought in August 1993 the release date of the Musicman Sterling! This is one of the first, (notice the original bridge with mutes)

Only changes that have been done are an adjustable Warwick nut has been installed as well as genuine Swarovski Cubic Zirconia crystals inlayed into the pickguard. *blingy *sparkly

This however is for sale! For £800 you could own a beautiful vintage USA piece of win! If interested inbox me!