sympatheticallyblue asked:

I was going through your blog and you have improved so much. Not that your first art isn't amazing already, I thought I would let you know. I love how you draw America, you capture him very well. *hands you several trophies* GOOD JOB! OWO7

Oh my gosh thank you so much for this message!! It made me feel really happy! Looking back I guess I can see a bit of improvement in some places which is always a great thing to notice. Thank you a bunch again and I’ll keep trying my best!

grimm-cj-reaper asked:

Eremin growing old together, with kids. Interested? :P

and then eremin kids naming their own kids carla, grisha & … goddamit we dont even know what armin’s parents’ names are

yes please

bonus points if it’s never quiet in the eremin household bc their old friends always come over with some snacks and good news

extra bonus points if eren and armin die while they are sleeping, all the while holding hands ;)